Official Events

Planet Arkadia hosts a large variety of official events on a daily and monthly basis. The planet is always buzzing with events that are hosted free of charge and sponsored by Arkadia Studios.

The Golden Week

Celebrating a week of riches

The golden week is a time to take a break from your normal activities and reflect upon what you have built, acquired and obtained during your working lifestyle. This is the time to go for gold and discover what riches might lay before you very eyes. Sometimes we get ourselves so involved that we forget the very thing that inspired us to do what we have done.

Will you be the winner?

The Smugglers

Borrowing without the intention of giving back

The Smugglers are an underground movement on Planet Arkadia. They have a dark history filled with hidden secrets and a past that is unknown to all but a few. They take items and modify them to such a degree that they are extremely powerful and dangerous. They are an enemy of the Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) and the Imperial Federal Navy (IFN).

Which side will you choose?

Oratan Attacks

A force to be reckoned with

The Oratan are a barbaric race that do not take prisoners. Everywhere they go, they leave chaos and ruin in their wake. They are responsible for the genocide of the ancient Arkadian people. Now they battle the IFN for the future of Arkadia. The IFN call upon colonists to stand together and assist in any attack on the firebases and help protect the assets of the planet and its inhabitants

Will you stand and defend Arkadia against the barbaric horde?

Puny Wars

The battle between colonist and critter

There comes a time when a person has to stand their ground against the devilish strategy of the local wildlife, who plan your demise every step of the way. Colonists have come together to fight the forces of nature. These little critters stand no chance against the might and power of a well armed colonist and their team mates.

Let the battles begin!!!

Battle of Boksul

The battle between ugly cuteness

Protect the Nusul or rage like a Bokol. Will you protect them or lay waste to everything that moves? You are invited to partake in this Official Event and join the community in making friends.

Your invitation is sent, we await you

Riptarak Drive

Primordial Beasts vs Man

Beware the ambush of this local predator, it has the stone cold heart of a monster and the razor sharp teeth to back it up! Not for the faint of heart or the weak of leg. You are invited to partake in this Official Event and join the community in making friends.

The choice is yours…

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