Creators of Planet Arkadia

Arkadia Studios is based in Singapore, and was founded in 2010 by Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd.

Arkadia Studios announced on Nov 3rd, 2010 that it has partnered with Swedish platform developer MindArk PE AB to create an exciting Treasure Hunting planet. Planet Arkadia is part of the Entropia Universe, being the first virtual Treasure Hunting environment.

A Dedicated Team

With a global development team working around the clock, Arkadia Studios strives to produce quality content and a diverse storyline where the players, such as yourself, can embark on a journey that is truly alive. From concept to production, Arkadia Studios pushes the player community for input in every action taken. From the highest point of Celeste Harbor to the deepest tomb of the Aakas instances, the A-Team will surprise you with hidden clues to what is in store.

We strive to please you and take you on an adventure where every turn you take, may contain treasures and/or dangers to both challenge and delight.

Our Vision

To make Planet Arkadia a dynamic, innovative and caring community of long-term dedicated players.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding gaming experiences and creative challenges in both an individual and cooperative setting. To encourage and inspire our players to become active participants in an ever-changing virtual world.

Our Culture

Arkadia Studios, and Planet Arkadia’s culture as a whole, is based on values and principles which include:

  • An inclusive community that respects human and cultural diversity and is attuned to the emotional and social wellbeing of all its citizens.
  • To encourage creativity and promote the pursuit of excellence, collaboratively and individually, in all aspects of the game.
  • To work collaboratively with MindArk and all Planet Partners for the betterment of the Entropia Universe.
  • To establish, reinforce and promote the ideals of Planet Arkadia: International Understanding, Respect, Mentorship and Service.
  • To encourage a culture which embodies strong societies, values partnerships and corporations in the game, and fosters a desire in its members to contribute to the wider planetary community.
  • To create future opportunities based on the strong foundation of our tradition to have a close dialog with Planet Arkadia’s player community.
  • The appointment and development of staff of the highest caliber, promoting Skills, Innovative Thinking, Teamwork, Passion for the game and understanding of the importance of Continuous Learning.

Developing Capacity

We aim to enhance the experience of players through the employment of high quality staff, who above all, have passion for Planet Arkadia and are able to identify needs in the game and in their own set of skills in order to solve problems and contribute with game content.

  • An organizational culture – of continuous improvement based on research, reflective practice, extensive game testing and thoughtful and informed innovation.
  • High quality Officials – who are attracted to be the interface between the players, the Arkadian Advisors and the Development Team (including MindArk Support and technical staff).

Engaging our Community

We aim to develop a community of players committed to Planet Arkadia’s future. Arkadia Studios will achieve this objective through:

  • Communicating effectively (including greater use of emerging technologies) with MindArk, Players/Customers and other organizations, about Planet Arkadia’s achievements and aspirations, gaining their active participation and contribution to Planet Arkadia’s future.
  • Developing further, a culture of engagement within our gaming community, whether through Societies, Arkadian Advisors, Mentors or other avenues of assistance.
  • Marketing to focus strategically on aspirations of Planet Arkadia/Arkadia Studios.

Leading and Managing Growth

We will manage effectively and develop our financial and physical resources to meet current and future needs by adopting and following well researched and constructed business plans as well as support system initiatives.  We will achieve this objective through:

  • Ensuring strong financial stability and growth – to resource Arkadia Studio’s aspirations
  • Planning the development of facilities – to meet the future needs of players in terms of apartments and shops and other estates.
  • Maximizing use – of all current and future facilities by the community.
  • Increasing the player retention by active, results driven marketing and analysis and ongoing close studies of the players/customers’ needs and dreams.

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