What is Planet Arkadia?

Planet Arkadia defines the future of online science fiction games with action-oriented combat, customized personal story lines,
epic dynamic events and no subscription fees!


“So many opportunities to take, deciding which one is the challenge”

“Free to play, yes it is, but just like the real world, it is what you make of it. Picture yourself being dropped off in a foreign country. Are you here to earn, or to play, or both? Is your goal to build a business, make friends, or just shut the world out and do your own thing?

Figure it out, the number of paths you can take rival the real world and dwarf any other MMO out there.

I have yet to find another MMO that is as intriguing as this one, if you enjoy freedom in a massive virtual world, where you will meet people from all over the planet to play and grow with, you just might like it on Planet Arkadia”

Honey Kitten Little

“Best most fun and challenging game I have play 10 year” >^.^<

“The new player experience is much smoother and more fun.
The developers are helpful and accessible.

Depositing and playing is fast easy and fun or you can work at it trading to build up your peds. I myself run a clothes shop and a furniture shop plus love to hunt.”



Isclay Bonaventure

“Planet Arkadia is the cherry on top.”

“One of the greatest things about Arkadia is its developers. They have made really big efforts to connect with the player base. They take suggestions and criticisms seriously. When good ideas for in game improvements are presented, Arkadia Studio’s works hard to make these ideas happen. If bugs are noted and presented, these guys get right on it ASAP. I can’t say enough about the level of attention and detail orientation Arkadia Studio’s brings to the table within EU.”

Albi Gens

“The dev team are amazing simply put”

“I’ve called Arkadia home since the day the planet was introduced and rarely have reason to go anywhere else. The real people (communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals) operating within the game provide so much more depth and support to new and old players alike than just a game itself.”

“The dev team are, simply put, amazing. I look forward to the continuing evolution of the game environment and the communities within as I have for years.”


“There is so much to do, where to start is the question”

The scenery is gorgeous, the players are friendly, and the excellent dev team is always adding new content and events. Let me say more about the dev team…. they are very attuned to the players’ wishes and take the time to do interviews and communicate via the forums. They do an excellent job of designing the game according to player input. No other planet offers the kind of communication that Arkadia’s devs do.”


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