The New Player Experience

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Planet Arkadia has implemented a number of initiatives to lessen the steep learning curve for new players. If you have just joined us, you should check them out!

Beginner’s Guide

Backstory of Arkadia

Arkadia Advisers

Celeste Quarry

Event: Scavenger Hunt

Attention Arkadian Colonists:


The IFN has received reports of the sudden appearance of several Oratan camps in remote areas of the continent of Sentosa. According to Commodore Toan Harvir, “This sudden desire by the enemy to occupy territory marks the first change in strategy that we have seen”. More insight into the situation can be found in story instalment 4.1.


At the request of the IFN, PTech has made major overhauls to its resource detection software. Miners can now expect a completely different distribution and availability of resources across the entire continent of Sentosa.

The PTech upgrades, made with the knowledge gained from the first months of Arkadian mining, are part of the IFN’s aim to ensure Arkadia is able to sustain itself without the need of Imperial Federal aid. In accordance with this policy, the IFN has directed Arkadia’s technology suppliers to reconfigure their product blueprints to more effectively utilise locally available resources.


Under direction from the IFN, the Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) has been active in recruiting Arkadia Advisers, as part of its drive to welcome new colonists and help them through the early stages of life on their new home planet. To make these personnel easier to find, at places such as the new Celeste Quarry area, the ACA will be presenting the Arkadia Advisers with a special high-visibility vest.

The ACA has recently completed construction of a new roadway from Celeste Harbour to Celeste Quarry as well as some additional infrastructure upgrades to the Quarry itself. During the final stages of construction, the ACA reported the sudden appearance of a previously unknown flightless bird, which has been named “Ostelok”, near the Quarry.

Scientists are currently puzzling over the reason for this, and the fact that it seems to have coincided with reported sightings of another bird species spreading further up the east coast. Classified as “Feran”, this flight capable creature has been sighted to the north near Ocean Lookout and Taipan Digsite.

The two species don’t seem to be related but several in the scientific groups are querying whether it is a coincidence that they have appeared at the same time as the Oratan Camps were discovered…


An arriving equipment supply ship carrying Trade Terminal supplies was recently attacked over the Celeste Harbour area, and its cargo has been scattered across the landscape. For more information, please read the Scavenger Hunt event thread at Planet Arkadia Forum, as well as instalment 4.1 of the story!


Arkadia Studios advises some further updates to colonist software:

  • Refined Ore, Energy Matter and Animal Leathers now weigh less.
  • Several pieces of vegetation have updated textures
  • All terrain types have had a texture overhaul



  • New creature: Feran, along east coast, Ocean Lookout and Taipan Digsite
  • New creature: Ostelok, near Celeste Quarry
  • Several Oratan Camps sighted. IFN investigating
  • Blueprints revised to use only resources that can be found on Arkadia
  • Planet-wide changes to resource distribution and availability
  • Arkadia Advisers now have high-visibility vests
  • Road has been constructed from Celeste Harbour to Celeste Quarry
  • Celeste Quarry has been upgraded
  • Refined Ore, Energy Matter and Animal Leathers now weigh less
  • Several pieces of vegetation have updated textures
  • All terrain types have had a texture overhaul
  • Improved run animations for Kiana, Kadra and Korwil

Issues Fixed

Minor improvements to sounds.
Bridge Support Pillars now show their complete length on lower graphics settingS

Known Issues

  • Weapon sounds can vary from shot to shot on some weapons.
  • Archaeological society does not like people sitting on some of their chairs and sofas.
  • Limited Blueprint Book cannot be coloured or textured.
  • Some types of eyewear can appear outside or on top of the Armour Helmet.
  • Skin from some face/head shapes can be seen when wearing Armour Helmet.
  • Televators in buildings may link to the building next door in rare cases.
  • Feran are afraid of getting too close to the ground.