The Lost Interns

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Event Has Ended

All 5 missing Archaeology Interns have been found. Dr. Sundari Zhen says a big Thank You to the following colonists for helping to find them.

Congratulations to:
Endy for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #1
Ifuri for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #2
Ceral Avarice Altruaer for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #3
Symulakron for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #4
FF Jin Franka for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #5

You will need to meet up with me in-game to claim your prizes. Please pm me for the details.

Thank You!


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5 interns from the Archaeological Society have gone missing since the Oratan first attacked. We suspect they’re hiding from the Oratan and may be difficult to find. Dr. Sundari Zhen is offering rewards to anyone who manages to locate each of her interns.


You should talk to Dr. Sundari Zhen at the Archaeology Society Headquarters (located at Celeste Harbour) to get started on this mission.

Event Rules:
(I) Event starts immediately at launch of Planet Arkadia and ends when all 5 missing interns have been found.

(II) If you’ve determined that you have found an intern, please take a screenshot and post on this thread.

Screenshot must include:
(a) Timestamp (Press “U” on your keyboard for timestamps to appear on chat)

(b) Co-ordinates (Press “P” on your keyboard for co-ordinates on chat). Co-ordinates are needed to verify that the screenshot is taken where the discovered intern is.

(c) Missing intern must be visible in your screenshot.

(d) Your in-game name must be visible on the user-interface so please do not hide it when you take the screenshot.


Screenshot Example

(III) You can discover and post screenshots of different interns.

(IV) You must register on Arkadia Forum ( to take part in the competition.

(V) You cannot post on behalf of other another player – they must register and post themselves.


How to win:
- First post here with eligible screenshot of each missing intern wins the prize.

- 5 sets of rewards to be given away, one per intern.

- The winner will be announced on the forum and notified via PM.

Who can enter:
Anyone may enter except:
(A) Staff and family members of all Entropia Universe Planet Partners
(B) Staff and family members of MindArk PE AB and EUSO

*Final call on Eligibility will be decided by Arkadia Studios.


First post with screenshot of each missing intern wins a set of the following items:

Herman ASI – 20 (L)
Herman ARK – 20 (L)

Herman LAW – 202 (L)

MAKO FAL – 2 (L)

Gyro FAP – 6 (L)

Rewards will be given out once all 5 interns have been found.