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What are Investments?

So you feel you want your own piece of the planet to call home? Investments on a planet help you create a virtual home for your avatar.  There are many forms of investments available to you including: such as an apartment you can furnish to call home, a shop or booth to sell your new manufactured or traded items or buy a piece of land and run events and charge taxes on all activity. The sky is the limit, and with the modifications listed below, you can add that special touch.

What to invest in?

Planet Arkadia offer many forms of investments open to the general public where you can take a piece of the general economic pie. These structures are formed in the following categories.

  • Estates

  • Land Areas

  • Arkadian Underground Deed

  • Shops

These investments will offer you a return on your investments if managed and controlled correctly, you will be able to retire to your own mother ship and travel space and discover what other adventures there are waiting.

Land Areas

Land Area Names

  • Custom name your Land Area – 10,000 PED

Location of Teleporters & Service centers

  • Custom location to your specification – 75,000 PED

Purchased teleporters and service centers are placed near the Land Area fertilizer station by default. The above option offers the ability to customise the location of new or existing teleporters and service centers.


Located in cities and settlements of all sizes, teleporters allow colonists to travel from one place to another in the blink of an eye. A colonist can travel from any one teleporter to any other teleporter he or she has previously visited.

A teleporter on your Land Area makes it easily accessible for other participants and opens up other development upgrade options to better promote your Land Area.

  • Arkadian Teleporter – 75,000 PED

By default, Teleporters inherit the Land Area name.

  • Custom Teleporter Name – 10,000 PED

IFN Supply Dropship Package

A service center provides participants with various utilities they may need on your Land Area.

  • IFN Supply Dropship (Choice of 6 terminals) – 150,000 PED (Includes Auctioneer, Technician & Manufacturing Machine)

IFN Supply Dropship Add-ons

Hunters and miners can prolong their activity on your Land Area if you provide trade terminals, repair terminals and storage terminals, where they can stock up on ammunition, repair their tools and offload their finds for safe keeping.

  • Trade terminal – 15,000 PED
  • Repair terminal – 15,000 PED
  • Revival terminal – 15,000 PED
  • Society terminal – 15,000 PED
  • Storage terminal – 15,000 PED
  • Manufacturing machine – 15,000 PED
  • Auctioneer – 25,000 PED


Tailored Chat Message for HOF/Global on Land Area. For example: John Smithy Smith killed a creature (Riptor Guardian) worth 100 PED at the Hunters Paradise land area. 5,000 PED for one year or 20,000 PED for five years.


Live streaming on your Land Area with music of your choice – 10,000 PED


  • +20 item points – 2,000 PED
  • Custom Store Front – 5,000 PED (Includes +50 points)

An increased amount of item points allows you to have more items on display and for sale at any one time.


  • +20 item points – 2,000 PED

You can place your items in your estate – for decoration, for safe keeping, or for some functionality they offer. An increased amount of item points allow you to place more items in your estate.

Acquisition Information

To acquire added functionality for your estate, or make further inquiries:

1. Compile a list of added features you wish to acquire.
2. Send us with the relevant information :

  • your added feature list
  • full avatar name
  • name of estate you wish to customize

A representative from Planet Arkadia will contact you regarding your order.


Payment for all added functionality shall be made up-front in PED. Your Planet Arkadia representative will provide you with details.


Your Planet Arkadia representative will inform you which Version Update will include your extra estate functionality.


Prices subject to change. All trades are final. No refunds.


Please contact an Arkadia Official on the Official Planet Arkadia Forum

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