Planet Arkadia Update 2012.5.1 Patch Release Notes (4th Sept 2012)

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Since the launch of the Aakas instances and the Arkadia Gold Rush 2012 last week, a number of changes and fixes have now been implemented:

  • After some triple checking of the higher order energy signatures in Arkadian Keys, the IFN has given the green light for colonists to explore what are expected to be even more dangerous parts of the subterranean desert city!
  • Due to numerous reports of Magurg Females eating careless colonists, the Arkadian Colonial Administration has requested greater attention be paid to Treasure Hunter safety. Accordingly, timers have been added to Aakas instances in the hope that colonists will stay focused.
  • A number of enterprising NPCs have started making interesting offers for Arkoins at the IFN Supply Depot:
    • IFN Clothing Store Arkoin Broker is at 30728, 13366.
    • IFN Armoury Arkoin Broker is at 30936, 13414.
    • IFN Weaponry Store Arkoin Broker is at 30974, 13511.
  • Apartment walls now operate as expected, and will tolerate things being hung upon them where previously they would not.
  • The Alloy Plate Blueprint icon should now be showing correctly.
  • The Arkadian Tools Blueprint Book now allows for crafting of the Arkadian Golden Key.
  • The instance areas under Aakas now generate appropriately themed music for Treasure Hunters.
  • Inspired by the appropriately themed music, the creatures under Aakas have now begun making sounds of their own.
  • The new Media Centre’s event terminal has been scolded in an open letter from the Trade Terminals union, and has now promised to behave itself.