Planet Arkadia Update 2012.4 (29th May 2012)

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Arkadia Studios is excited to bring you TREASURE HUNTING!

‘Toán. Thanks for coming to meet me.’ Sundari smiled as Harvir arrived at the Archaeological Research Lab nestled among the hills north of Celeste Harbour.

‘Good afternoon Sundari. How are you?’ He asked as they walked together through the entrance and made their way into the facility.

‘Excited to say the least. The Science Division got back to us about the strange door that Chambers and the team found under the desert ruins last week.’

‘Good. What do they have to say?’

‘Tero found a damaged device lying next to one of the armour suits, and it appears to somehow fit the lock in the door, but won’t open it. However, when they reverse engineered the technology in the device they were able to develop ten separate keys.’

‘Interesting. Why ten?’

‘Well, the technology seems to be the same as what was used in The Signal. We can read it the same way. They’ve used a modified version of the tool the late Professor Lee developed to translate The Signal and it’s giving them ten different energy signatures. I’m convinced the lock is Arkadian, Toán, and it looks like there are at least ten different ways to open it.’

‘Ten different ways to open one lock?’ Harvir stopped walking and looked at Zhen quizzically.

‘Yes. But that’s just the start of it. They’re saying that by reprogramming the PTech mining gear, we can use existing equipment to help us locate the new resources they’re calling “Treasure”, which we need to make the keys.’

‘I see. Remind me, what did Chambers and the team find down in the entrance room again?’

‘From what was catalogued, there were some armours, a variety of blades and some other ancient artefacts. It seems like it may have been some sort of supply cache. Who knows what’s on the other side of the door though. Whatever it is, if it’s even still there, it must have been important to them.’ Sundari said as they arrived at the workstation of Dr. Leigh Terpecaya.

‘Hello, Commodore’ said Terpecaya.

As his eyes met those of the archaeologist, Harvir realised the importance of the path he was about to lead the colony down. Now that the opportunity for underground exploration was right before him, he could not ignore his gut instinct.

‘Good afternoon, Leigh. I’m thinking we want to start off by building up a stock of these keys so that whatever lies inside, we can send as many people in as we need to.’

He was momentarily taken aback as both the archaeologists reacted with delight. They had clearly been waiting for this moment.

‘Doctors,’ Harvir said, ‘Give me the keys to the kingdom!

New Content

Treasure Hunting

  • PTech has reconfigured mining devices such that they are now able to target a third resource: Treasure! Treasure Hunting costs 30 probes, and can be selected on its own or in combination with Enmatter and/or Ore.
  • It is possible for Treasure Hunters using the new mining system to loot complete items of Treasure.
  • A range of ten manufactured Arkadian Keys has been introduced. Stay alert for future updates concerning their use. Appropriate slots have been added to the Arkadian Tool Blueprints Book.

IFN – Imperial Federal Navy

  • A shipment of prototype longer ranged BLP and laser rifles has gone missing after a supply shuttle crashed. The first rescue teams to the crash site found the area picked clean of all valuables. Colonists are advised to keep an eye on their loot for these items.
  • Introduction of unlimited Standard Issue Rifle (SIR), a longer ranged BLP rifle series, looted only.
  • Introduction of unlimited Range Adjusted Weapon (RAW), a longer ranged laser rifle series, looted only.
  • Release of full range of unlimited manufactured IFN clothing, so that colonists can show their affiliation with the IFN.


  • A colourful carnivorous biped has been seen roaming around Sentosa – the Riptor
  • The Teladon has been completely reconstructed
  • The Kamaldon has been completely reconstructed
  • Many animal parts are now being picked up by hunters, and have been incorporated into the manufacture of some items

ACA – Arkadian Colonial Administration

  • Release of a full range of manufactured, unlimited civilian clothing, allowing colonists to show their affiliation with the ACA and/or Archaeological Society. Additionally, a range of customisable items are available for the fashion conscious to colour and texture.
  • Due to popular demand, a cute and comforting selection of unlimited, lootable plush toy decorations has been unleashed into the loot pool.
  • Release of a range of modern manufactured furniture, utilising Arkadian Treasure resources, for decorating your estates.
  • Due to popular demand, a racetrack has been constructed on the mainland of Sentosa, northwest of Formidable Firebase Academy. Colonists should consider wearing their Carapace Helmet when operating vehicles in the area.
  • Due to popular demand, a fashion catwalk has been constructed near the IFN Military Headquarters in Celeste Harbour.


  • Approximately one hundred new Blueprints have been introduced for manufacturers, for a variety of items including:
    • Textures
    • Components
    • Armour
    • IFN Clothing
    • Civilian Clothing
    • Furniture
    • Tools – Arkadian Keys
  • A Clothing Blueprint Book has been added to the Technician Terminal, and all relevant Blueprint slots have been added to the appropriate Blueprint Books.


  • The items acquired during the New Player Experience can now be handed in to the Trade Terminal if and when they are no longer required.
  • A particularly ambitious tree has managed to grow right through one section of the racetrack. Officials quickly dismissed any notions of keeping this “natural obstacle”, reminding daredevils that there are plenty of waterfalls around Sentosa. The ACA is already working to remove the tree. Additionally, a cave entrance on the track may be too small for some vehicles to enter. Please approach with caution.