Planet Arkadia Update 2012.1 (31st Jan 2012)

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The Arkadia Colonial Administration (ACA) has been acting for some time on the need for clear guidance to be given to new colonists on Planet Arkadia.After creating the Arkadia Adviser program, Celeste Quarry and the surrounding area was landscaped as a place for new

arrivals to learn in a safe environment.The ACA has now cooperated with a number of organisations to extend the new colonist experience much further.

Existing colonists are invited to visit the exquisite new location northwest of Resolute Firebase where new

arrivals will begin in future, at the coordinates 30180, 18040. Speaking to the Barman in the Arrival Lounge there will begin the ACA missions.The journey that follows will reveal an array of new items including the first Arkadian vehicle, and involves groups such as the Imperial Federal Navy (IFN), the Archaeological Society, Herman Industries, Lorika Tek and IFN Medical.

Important Note on the Underground Area

The underground area is not yet available, we strongly recommend not downloading it as there is no advantage doing so prior to its release – you will still need to download the final content when it is released at a later date.