Planet Arkadia Update – 16.4.0.

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Resolute Stable

Hi Everyone,
Here is what comes with this update.

1. Smuggler backpack mission is fixed.
2. Minor changes to stores to assist in loading errors – More coming in Patch.
3. Loot balances
New Player Experience Overhaul

We have shortened the new player experience because many players seem to get lost down the track assisting in checking up on the defense towers, those towers have now been staffed and will not be required to be checked up on anymore. Now new players can get into the action quicker and be introduced into the community much faster.

We have also moved Resolute Stable to a much more convenient location that is near the new player experience.

Oratan Attacks are back!!!

After months of going into hiding, new drone footage has shown that Oratans are preparing attacks on firebases all across Arkadia. Prepare yourself, their attacks are incoming and very soon…….