Planet Arkadia 2012.7.1 Patch Release Notes (11th December 2012)

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The Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) recently conducted a vehicle congestion review across Sentosa. As a result, vehicle use is no longer permitted in Celeste Quarry. These restrictions are currently in a testing phase, and are open to further tweaks as the ACA conducts further research and gauges colonist feedback.

When the ACA is satisfied that the boundary dimensions are adequate, they will be approved. Signs will then be installed at the edges of the boundary to remind drivers to exit their vehicle.


  • Carabok and Gallard spawns near Celeste Quarry have been adjusted in response to colonist feedback on new vegetation density. The ACA hopes there is now something for everyone to enjoy, and encourages further colonist discussion of the matter at Arkadia Forum.
  • The collision box of the Gallard has been amended to allow colonists to get a little closer.
  • Riptor collision box has been adjusted so that they don’t push colonists around as much.
  • Shagadi Disintegration Sword has had the spelling of its name corrected.

Known Issues

  • The Golden Door under Aakas is currently unstable, causing the server to crash. Crashing servers being a serious health hazard, the door remains non-interactive.
  • Gangnam style appears to have lasted until the year 3009.