Planet Arkadia 2012.6.1 Patch Release Notes (17th Oct)

By October 17, 2012 Version Update No Comments

Since last week’s discovery of Oratan Wave Spawns, the Oratan Lancer and a strange change to the Kadra, the following changes and fixes have now been implemented:

  • A newly discovered creature, the Gallard, was incredibly well-camouflaged in the recent version update, but has now taken on a bright orange appearance. Colonists need not be alarmed, however, as it is quite harmless. The Gallard can be found to the east of the Celeste Outpost Teleporter.
  • Some of the Oratan Wave Spawns are now spread over larger areas. This has mainly occurred in locations that aren’t boxed in by the surrounding terrain.
  • The time limits on Aakas instance levels 9 and 10 have been increased.
  • In all locations where previously there was an IFN Challenge Terminal, there are now three interaction points:
    1. IFN Challenge Terminal – this is a place for colonists to open and update their IFN Challenge missions, all of which are based on being rewarded for culling native populations of creatures above the ground.
    2. ACA Representative – this is a non-player character (NPC) who allows colonists to open and update missions for clearing out the instanced areas. Currently this applies to the instances under the ancient city of Aakas, with Dehera Clearance missions.
    3. Attribute Token Broker – this allows colonists to exchange 100 Attribute Tokens for an Attribute Point of their choice.
  • Two new sets of the above three interaction points have been placed at Celeste Quarry.
  • The Herman ASI-8 R, available from the Trade Terminal, is now tradeable.

Known Issues

  • The Golden Door under Aakas is currently unstable, causing the server to crash. Since crashing servers are a serious health hazard, the door is under further investigation, and has for the time being been made non-interactive.