Planet Arkadia Update 2013.2.1 (26th June 2013)

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Planet Arkadia Update 2013.2.1 Patch Notes (26th June 2013)

A number of issues have been resolved in today’s patch, including the following:

  • Turrets Received Etiquette Upgrade
    Colonists at Celeste Outpost and the Command Post at 31462, 11043 (near the Carabok and Gallard event area) will now be free to go about their business without the turrets following them around.
  • Bill – Viceroy Armour Quest
    Bill has been relocated inside the Quarry Manager’s Office at Celeste Quarry, and is still happy to trade you a set of Viceroy – Skullcandy Edition armour.
  • Viceroy is Visible
    There is now more to Viceroy armour than eyeballs and teeth. All pieces of this armour set, available from Bill at Celeste Quarry Manager’s Office, should now be visible and functioning correctly. Viceroy owners may now take their armour to the contaminated PvP zone. Bill himself, who is wearing Viceroy, should also now be visible.
  • Viceroy Visible in Inventory
    Viceroy armour should now be showing correctly in your inventory, instead of a red X.
  • Purple Ankitus
    Ankitus armour is now red again.
  • Adjusted Musca as Discipleship Reward
    ACA systems have revealed that Adjusted Musca as a reward was not functioning as described with the recent update. After this patch, it should be functioning correctly, and should be given to anyone completing discipleship anywhere, provided that their account was created through the Arkadia start room. Colonists, mentors and disciples are encouraged to give feedback in this thread regarding functionality, specifically noting where the player’s account was created, and where they were when they graduated.
  • IFN Prototype Armour
    A new armour, “IFN Prototype (L)”, has been added to the Arkoin Broker in place of Perseus (L), which has been removed from the Arkoin Broker.
  • “Transport the Unidentified Ore” Quest
    The ACA Representative is now back from his unannounced holiday and is once again waiting in the Archaeological Headquarters at Celeste Harbour to meet people completing the new player missions.


  • Oil Rig
    Unfortunately the Oil Rig is not yet functioning correctly. A solution is expected with Planet Arkadia Update 2013.3, currently scheduled for September.