Important notice!

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In searching for the best way to select a winner for the Gold Rush Socialite 2012 competition, the following items have come to the attention of Arkadia Studios:

a) Selecting a winner randomly from all page “Likes” is, contrary to the findings of our preliminary research, a breach of Facebook Terms and Conditions. When choosing a winner, that winner must be chosen from a specific competition entry.
b) An admin of a Facebook page is only able to create a list of a maximum of 500 of its fans at once.

This has led to the decision to use a third-party app called Wildfire, which will select a winner at random, from those who enter the promotion specifically.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and are making every effort to ensure that those who have already “Liked” the page as a result of the Gold Rush Socialite 2012 competition, find out about the change. This will include making a post at our Facebook page.

To give everyone a chance to enter correctly, the competition is now being extended until 23:59 CEST on the Tuesday the 9th of October 2012. Instructions for entry are at the bottom of this post.

In addition, the opening post of the Gold Rush Socialite 2012 thread has been updated to reflect the new rules.

If you have any concerns about this change, you are encouraged to email Arkadia Studios at

Good luck!

To ensure you’re in the running for the Alienware X51 Desktop, you will need to do the following:

1. Go to and “Like” the page.
2. Go to the competition page here, click “Enter Sweepstakes” and follow the prompts to completion by 23:59 CEST on Tuesday the 9th October 2012.

Click “Enter Sweepstakes”.

Fill in and confirm your email address + Tick the check box to confirm you are 13 years and above. Click “Submit”.

You’re done! Decide to publish it to your wall, share with your friends or skip.