Herman Industries – New and Renamed Weapons

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In the light of recent adjustments to the skill requirements for each of its ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW firearms, Herman Industries has taken the time to reassess how its range of equipment fits with the playing styles and skill levels of the colonists of Arkadia.

Historically, Herman has endeavoured to make the task of choosing the right weapon as simple as can be for its customers. For this reason, Herman has always included a number in its weapon naming that reflects the minimum required skill level.

Swift and constructive colonist feedback has brought two issues to Herman’s attention after the recent changes to minimum skill requirements for the various firearms:

  1. “Gaps” have emerged between skill requirements for the various weapons as a result of “stretching” them across a wider skill range.
  2. The numbers in the weapon names can now be somewhat confusing, particularly for a colonist new to Herman and/or Arkadia.

After considering the above issues, Herman has decided to make a number of additions and adjustments to the ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW range of weapons.

Note that no weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.

Effective with the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, the following changes will occur:

  • Twenty (20) new firearms will be introduced to Arkadia:
    • 4 x ARK
    • 6 x ASI
    • 5 x CAP
    • 5 x LAW
  • Unlike the existing Herman weapons, these new weapons will be manufactured only.
  • Each of the four unlimited Herman weapons currently available at the Trade Terminal will have their “8 R” or “99 R” suffix changed to “TT R”, to signify “Trade Terminal” and “Repairable”.
  • Every other ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW weapon will have the number in its name changed to the minimum skill requirement number. For example, the Herman ASI-40 Desert (L) now has a minimum skill requirement of level 42, so its new name is Herman ASI-42 Desert (L).
  • Item Descriptions for all ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW models will be updated to reflect the changes.
  • All relevant Blueprints will also have their names and Item Descriptions adjusted according to the changes.

Please note:

  • No existing weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.
  • The standard, Desert, Arctic and Jungle namings and conventions have been retained, and applied to the new weapons as well. As before, “Desert” is given to weapons with a longer range, “Arctic” is for those with a higher damage per shot, and “Jungle” is for more rapid fire, closer range combat. This continues to be reflected in the Item Descriptions.
  • Item Descriptions will still show the next and preceding weapon in the relevant class, but the text has been given more clarity. For example, in the case of an ASI Arctic weapon, “Next Model:” now says “Next ASI Arctic Model:”.

Following is a list of the entire ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW ranges as of the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, showing the existing and new names.

All NEW weapons are listed in bold.

Arkadia Rifle Kit (ARK)
Herman ARK-8 R Herman ARK-TT R
Herman ARK-10 (L)
Herman ARK-20 (L)
Herman ARK-30 (L)
Herman ARK-40 (L)
Herman ARK-50 (L)
Herman ARK-0 (L)
Herman ARK-11 (L)
Herman ARK-16 (L)
Herman ARK-27 (L)
Herman ARK-41 (L)
Herman ARK-46 (L)
Herman ARK-65 (L)
Herman ARK-10 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-20 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-30 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-40 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-50 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-5 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-21 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-31 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-34 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-54 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-70 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-10 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-20 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-30 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-40 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-50 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-6 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-23 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-38 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-55 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-60 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-77 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-10 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-20 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-30 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-40 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-6 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-22 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-36 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-75 Arctic (L)
Arkadia Standard Issue (ASI)
Herman ASI-8 R Herman ASI-TT R
Herman ASI-10 (L)
Herman ASI-20 (L)
Herman ASI-30 (L)
Herman ASI-40 (L)
Herman ASI-50 (L)
Herman ASI-0 (L)
Herman ASI-11 (L)
Herman ASI-24 (L)
Herman ASI-37 (L)
Herman ASI-63 (L)
Herman ASI-10 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-20 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-30 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-40 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-50 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-7 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-21 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-32 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-42 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-48 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-53 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-58 Desert (L)

Herman ASI-70 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-10 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-20 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-30 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-40 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-50 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-7 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-21 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-33 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-44 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-72 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-10 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-20 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-30 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-40 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-5 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-7 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-16 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-21 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-27 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-33 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-44 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-72 Arctic (L)
Combat Assault Pistol (CAP)
Herman CAP-99 R Herman CAP-TT R
Herman CAP-101
Herman CAP-202 (L)
Herman CAP-303 (L)
Herman CAP-404 (L)
Herman CAP-505 (L)
Herman CAP-0 (L)
Herman CAP-12 (L)
Herman CAP-35 (L)
Herman CAP-37 (L)
Herman CAP-48 (L)
Herman CAP-52 (L)

Herman CAP-56 (L)
Herman CAP-101 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-202 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-303 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-404 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-505 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-4 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-7 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-20 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-32 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-40 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-43 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-62 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-101 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-202 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-303 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-404 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-505 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-7 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-21 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-34 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-45 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-64 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-101 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-202 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-303 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-404 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-505 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-7 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-22 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-28 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-33 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-44 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-65 Arctic (L)
Laser Assault Weapon (LAW)
Herman LAW-99 R Herman LAW-TT R
Herman LAW-101 (L)
Herman LAW-202 (L)
Herman LAW-303 (L)
Herman LAW-404 (L)
Herman LAW-505 (L)
Herman LAW-0 (L)
Herman LAW-10 (L)
Herman LAW-13 (L)
Herman LAW-27 (L)
Herman LAW-32 (L)
Herman LAW-50 (L)
Herman LAW-66 (L)
Herman LAW-101 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-202 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-303 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-404 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-505 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-5 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-21 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-42 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-56 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-71 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-101 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-303 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-404 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-505 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-6 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-23 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-46 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-51 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-60 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-77 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-101 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-202 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-303 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-404 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-505 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-5 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-16 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-22 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-37 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-44 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-58 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-75 Arctic (L)

For consistency, Smuggler CAP and LAW weapons will also have the final digit dropped from their number. So 101, 202, 303, 404 and 505 are changed to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.