Guess and Win!

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Over the course of 6 days different pieces of a Jigsaw will be put updated in the original post of this thread. The full picture will be revealed on the 7th day.

How to win:

  • Be the first person to guess correctly the full name (brand, model, type etc) of the item in the picture.
  • Each person can only guess once by posting your entry on this thread.
  • You are not allowed to edit your post in this thread (for whatever reason).
  • Any edited posts will be deemed invalid.
  • There will only be one winner.

What will you win:

  • The item in the picture.
    • You can choose to have the item sent to your home (Item will be sent by the end of November) or
    • Sell it in-game by trading with Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager the item’s certificate which you can then sell via trade or auction. Certificate must be traded back to Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager by the 10th November 2012.
  • Prize includes postage and handling from Arkadia Studios in Singapore.
  • Prize does not include any foreign charges (eg import duty) that may be incurred in your country.

We have a winner!
Congratulations to Jan Turisas Hagis for guessing the correct entry.
Please check your inbox for the PM.

Gunnar Vayper Onyx