Congratulations Gold Rush Warrior, Prospector and Industrialist 2012!

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Dear participants of the Gold Rush Warrior, Prospector and Industrialist 2012, thank you for supporting this event for the past two months. We had a total of 39,481 entries (individual global events) for these Gold Rush events and only 3 will emerge victorious, each winning an Alienware X51 Desktop.

Chris has set up a random generator to pick the event winners to ensure that it’s fair for all participants (as long as they abide by the rules of the event).

I’m happy to present to you the winners for the following events:

Gold Rush Warrior 2012 – Shaman Wizard Legend
Entry 8454 (2012-09-20, 15:33:55) with a PED value of 55.89
Gold Rush Prospector 2012 – Michael Baks Bakke
Entry 4742 (2012-10-24, 16:07:54) with a PED value of 75.70

Gold Rush Industrialist 2012 – Anunaki Mithra Skarpnes
Entry 3707 (2012-09-11, 20:59:56) with a PED value of 196.39

For those who didn’t manage to win this time round, I hope you’ve enjoyed the events at a minimum. Do look forward to our future events and of course, the Gold Rush 2013. Your participation and continued support of Planet Arkadia is very much appreciated.

Cyrus Chen
Arkadia | Community Relations Manager