Your journey begins…

Your adventures have taken you from Earth to the stars, and through vast open areas of the void. While you streak across the cosmos at speeds faster than light, the distances are still vast enough that you need to travel suspended in a frozen state. When you awaken, the long journey will seem like only a few moments in time have passed from when and where you began.

Can you still dream?

You just woke up…

You find yourself, slightly disorientated, on the cold deck of an Antaira-class mother ship. You are greeted by an Artificial Intelligence, which will assist you in regaining your basic movements and allow you to test your locomotive skills. You will find that you are not the only one on this voyage, there are many like you. Finding your way around is an adventure on its own. Eventually, you will find and jump aboard the next available drop ship down to Planet Arkadia.

What fortunes await you?

Your first steps…

Landing in the arrivals hanger, you receive your passport, certifying that you are officially a colonist of this new world. Looking around, you find it buzzing with activity, the air filled with the smell of the heated jet engine that recently was your ticket down. As you take your first steps out of the facilities doors, you will discover a horizon filled with opportunity and surprise. What adventures await you?

You will soon to find out.

Your first mission…

You are soon greeted by an officer belonging to the Imperial Federal Navy (IFN). He instructs you to grab a weapon and prepare yourself. From the discovery of an unidentified ore and knowledge of hidden treasures to the location of where to mine resources and a personal greeting from our Commander, you will embark on an epic journey.

You will discover Planet Arkadia is buzzing with life from all over the universe, and that you feel you belong to something bigger and worth fighting for. You will witness how a small decision can lead to much glory and that the future is in your hands.

Your first experience…

Your fate is bound to that of the planet, bound to the secrets that lie beneath its soil and hidden behind the locked doors of an ancient civilization. And bound to the ongoing battle between the IFN and an ancient genocidal nemesis named “The Oratan” and the machinations of a shadowy organisation known only as “The Smugglers”.

So much is available to you. So many paths to take…you realise it is but the top of an ever growing iceberg of possibilities. You will take your steps into a world that changes like the seasons and keeps the greatest of hidden treasures known to civilization.

You’ve become a colonist, ready for adventure and action. You have been selected and your calling is clear

You are an Arkadian.


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