Explore Planet Arkadia

Planet Arkadia is filled with rich environments. From crossing the grassland where Nusul stride to the barren deserts where oil rigs are guarded by bandits or delve deep into the ruins of the ancient civilization of Arkas or dabble in the mining fields of the Underground. There is no end to what you can find deep within the dynamic changing environment.

Celeste Harbor

Home to Arkadian Stores and Party Central

The center of rich Arkadian history. From the many streets of shops to apartment complexes, a museum of collected trinkets of history, the IFN head quarters to the Archaeological Society. The harbor is the hub of all activity on Arkadia.

Rich with History and Architecture

Celeste Quarry

Central Trading Location

The Celeste Quarry is the center of all all trade on Planet Arkadia. It houses several shopping booths, local terminal services and the local street merchant. You will discover the Quarry Managers Office where all operations are controlled and on every corner, the IFN brokers are waiting for your assistance.

Become a street merchant in minutes

IFN Supply Depot

Discover the IFN and Arkoin Broker

The IFN Supply depot is the center of medical, military, tailoring and armory. Discover the basic training of how to use weaponry, medical gear and attach armour. There is also a Broker near the teleporter that sells limited edition items to the community.

Center of all IFN Manufacturing and Intelligence

Arkadian Race Area

Challenge yourself to 4 series of tracks

From speed to tactics, strategy and moves, the race track is home to all the racing fans. The race track is fitted with 4 different tracks for all types of skill. From a direct race for quick fix or take a side route to cut a few corners to make sure you take the trophies and be basked in glory.

Let the races begin!!!

Aakas Treasure Instance

Delve into the historical chambers of old

Deep within the sands lies an ancient city of tombs and libraries filled with mysteries of the past. Around every corner lies a dangerous surprise lurking within the shadows waiting… watching… Protecting old treasures of great value. Anyone who delves into the maze of corridors and stairways will soon discover that they have either discovered a new trinket of imense wealth or will be left behind as another member of the many bones that litter the floor.

What you find, you keep, just don’t get left behind.

Sal’Deresh Vaults

Underground vaults that hold treasures

Hidden in the underground lies vaults that have been sealed for an unknown amount of time. What lays behind them is a mystery. Rumor has it, it houses the treasure but also brings warning of creatures protecting them. The vaults require a key but as the ACA have clearly stated, there are Treasure Maps across the planet that give key point to guide you to open the vaults and discover what lies within the sealed doors.

The answers lie upon the key maps

Arkadia Underground

Chambers filled with rare mining resources

Beneath the surface of the planet lies chambers filled with resources beyond imagination. Discover the center of all mining on Arkadia where everything can be discovered from mined minerals and energy matters to deep hidden troves of treasure and rare artifacts. But with every location on Arkadia comes with its own life forms and creatures.

A Miners Paradise Of Success

The Oil Rig

An avatars friend and worst enemy

The oil rig on Arkadia is a home to the industrial retrieval of oil in its natural form. With a demand from an ever growing universal population, oil is pulled to the surface but with every operation there is some spillage. Oil cans can be found scattered around the rig but since the obvious threat of oratan stealing it, a licensed “Shoot on Sight” has been issued. So be careful when venturing in, the area is filled with others trying to grab a few bits of extra PEDs.

It is Free, but at a cost


Travel into the depths of the void to discover more than just space. With frequent flights to and from other planets, you will find there is more to the Entropia Universe than what meets the eye. In space you can charter your own fleet or work upon a mothership. There are countless opportunities for an avatar.

  • Call to Duty – Be part of a mothership crew.
  • Exterminator – Fight space creatures and return with rare loots.
  • Merchant – Import and Export of inter-planetary trades.
  • Taxi Services – Charter flights for members who need to get to other planets or need a escort pilot.
  • Pirate – Become feared among all space travelers as a mercenary of the void.
  • Guardian – Protect the weak from the pirates who prey on the weak.

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