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MindArk provide the software platform Entropia Universe, a virtual universe where Participants are free to choose which course of action they wish to pursue. In order to participate, you provide MindArk with some personal information during the Account application process.

MindArk wishes each Participant to feel safe when he or she uses the Entropia Universe and therefore have adopted a privacy policy that respects and protects the privacy of all Entropia Universe Participants (MindArk’s “Privacy Policy”). PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY!

This Privacy Policy details:

  • Which information MindArk collects.
  • How MindArk safeguard your privacy.
  • How you can control and change the information that you have voluntarily provided us with.
  • With whom your personal information may be shared.
  • Notice regarding minors.
  • How you can contact us regarding questions and comments about the information that you have voluntarily provided.
  • Information regarding cookies.


“Self-Registered Personal information”

This includes information such as your name and e-mail address, which you provide us in your Account application, and your home address, telephone number bank account and/or credit/debit card information which you provide when depositing or withdrawing funds from the Entropia Universe. The registration of this information is necessary in order for you to participate in the Entropia Universe, for MindArk to provide service, and/or deposit or withdraw funds to or from the Entropia Universe.

“Automatically-Registered Personal and/or Anonymous information”

This includes automatically collected anonymous information which is not personal, such as your IP address, what time you visited the Entropia Universe, and information about your hardware and related drivers. This information helps the Support Department to provide a better service.

Note that the term “Personal information”, as used herein, is the same as “Personal data” as defined in Directive 95/46/EC of the European parliament and the council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

What personal information is collected?

When you fill in the application form for your Entropia Universe Account you must register your personal information (i.e. information that specifically identifies you) and choose a usename and password. You also need to provide other information such as date of birth. To see exactly which self registered personal information is collected you can use this link: here and submitting a new Support Case using the ‘Account General Inquiry’ category.

Participants wishing to deposit funds into the Entropia Universe or withdraw funds from the Entropia Universe are required to provide additional information, such as debit/credit card or bank account details.

In addition, your web browser or client software may transmit certain automatically registered information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, hardware and related drivers.

How do we use the information we collect?

The information that we collect is used in different ways and for different purposes regarding the process of your participation in Entropia Universe. For example, personal information may be used for the following purposes:

  • It allows us or our Planet Partners to provide the Entropia Universe Participants with a better service, such as newsletters, support and product development information;
  • It is necessary for accounting purposes and financial reporting of the economic activities available via Entropia Universe;
  • It enables you to use different features and to complete transactions in Entropia Universe;
  • It is used for the purposes of identity verification, and the detection and counteraction of Participant misconduct and Agreement violations; or
  • It allows us to balance the load on the Entropia Universe system.

Do we give your personal information to a third party?

All personal information (self- or automatically-registered) is kept confidential by MindArk and is never leased or sold to any third parties, except as stated in this Privacy Policy or by your consent.

MindArk may share your personal information with Planet Partners, whose services you have used via the Entropia Universe and/or on their planet where you have been active or wish to be active.

MindArk may need to disclose your personal information to third party vendors and/or service providers, without restriction to country or nationality within the European Union, in order to fulfill Third Party Item orders or other service orders which you have made in the Entropia Universe or to carry out a reclamation you have made.

MindArk may need to disclose your personal information to consultants and other service providers who perform functions on MindArk’s behalf in order to carry out their work.

Further, MindArk reserve the right to share all information regarding you and your use of the Entropia Universe, including, but not limited to, your personal information, in any event that MindArk is requested by the proper authorities and/or other entities worldwide seeking legal remedy against you with connection to a violation made by you or alleged to have been made by your participation in the Entropia Universe.

Your personal information is also a part of MindArk’s business records and as such an asset of MindArk that might be transferred to any third party worldwide if MindArk decides to sell all or part of its business activity. The same applies in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or other similar event, your personal information may be disclosed to MindArk’s successor or assignee.

If MindArk discloses or transfers your personal information as stated above to a third party, MindArk do not have control over third party’s activities, and thus cannot guaranty that the same privacy policy and security procedure that MindArk applies will be pertained.

Collaboration with other third parties

The Entropia Universe incorporates technology of Massive Incorporated (“Massive”) that enables certain In-World objects (e.g. advertising) to be temporarily uploaded to your pc or console and replaced In-World while connected online. As part of that process, no personally identifiable information about you is collected and only select non-personally identifiable information is temporarily logged. No logged information is used to determine any personally identifiable information about you. For full details follow this link.

How do we secure your personal information?

MindArk has taken a package of measures to assure that the information collected will remain secure and free from modifications. Such security actions include a secure network and passwords, a Gold Card membership, a stringent controlled access to all personal information, and strict finite access to some information, such as debit/credit card numbers and bank details. Some information, such as credit card numbers are encrypted.

MindArk will also take sensible steps, which are in MindArk’s control, to assure that third parties who receive information from us will provide adequate protection of personal information.

Please note that if in the future you will be able to link to other site from the Entorpia Universe, this Privacy Policy does not apply to, and cannot control the activities on those other websites.

Chats and Posting on Notice Boards

Please note that any personal information that you disclose during chats, on message boards (display panels) or similar posting functions is public and can sometimes be accessed and collected by others. MindArk will not be responsible for such discloser of information. You are therefore strongly advised not to post you personal information in such areas.

How can you control and change the information that you provided us with?

As an active participant you can at any time see what personal information is registered to your Account via ‘My Section’ at the Entropia Universe website.

Gold Card Users

If you are a Gold Card user you can change your personal information by using your activated Gold Card to unlock your personal information in ‘My Section’ and update it. PLEASE OBSERVE that any request to update your name because of marriage, name change or similar reasons, is subject to the same security requirements referred to below as for a Non Gold Card users.

Non Gold Card Users

If your Account is not active or if you are NOT a Gold Card user and you would like to update or correct your personal information because of marriage, name change or similar reasons, please make your request by contacting MindArk’s Support Department via the Support Section of the Entropia Universe website, or by contacting us at the address stated at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE OBSERVE that such modification of your personal information will require that you verify your identity with a verified copy of your passport or ID, and/or other legal documents, according to MindArk’s request for each particular case.

If you wish to correct your home address or telephone number you do not need to contact MindArk. You can do that yourself via the ‘My Section’ area of the Entropia Universe website.

In order to protect your Entropia Universe Account and counteract fraud, MindArk reserve the right to refuse modifications in your Account registration personal information, including a change of name and email address, if MindArk has reason to believe that you intentionally registered false information during your Account application process.

Special notice for minors (young people under the age of 18)

If you are under the age of 13 please notice that CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13 MAY NOT CREATE EN ENTROPIA UNIVERSE ACCOUNT NOR PARTICIPATE IN ENTROPIA UNIVERSE. Accordingly MindArk does not knowingly or intentionally collect, maintain or disclose personal information from minors under this age.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 18 years and wish to participate in Entropia Universe, please note that YOU NEED THE PERMISSION OF A PARENT OR GUARDIAN BEFORE YOU CREATE YOU ENTROPIA UNIVERSE ACCOUNT OR PROVIDE MINDARK WITH ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. When you get your Entropia Universe account ensure never to disclose your personal information online, such as your real name or address, to anyone.

Special notice for parents and guardians

MindArk acknowledges the importance of providing children with a safe online environment. MindArk encourage parents and guardians to become familiar with the nature of content available online, including that provided in Entropia Universe, and regularly oversee their children’s use of the Internet’s different features. In addition parents should instruct their minor children that under no circumstances should they submit any personal information online like name, address telephone number etc, without the permission of their parents or guardians. If you discovered that your child has registered his or her personal information without your consent and you wish this information to be removed please contact MindArk’s support department (to the address given below). In your request please include your child’s Entropia Universe account information (usename and password). Upon your request MindArk will take reasonable steps to remove your child’s personal information from the Entropia universe database.

Third Party Ads
Advertisements that are provided and managed by third parties may be placed on our website (“Third Party Ads”). Those third parties who may place advertisements on our websites may also use cookies and web beacons to collect non-personal information when you click on or move your cursor over one of their ads. You may not realize this information is being collected.

Further, once you have clicked on a Third Party Ad or third party logo, whether you left our website or linked to Third Party Ad through iFrame or any other technology, this Privacy Policy no longer applies and you must read the privacy policy of the advertiser to see how your personal information will be handled by them .


A cookie is a text file that can be sent to your web browser and stored on your computer. Cookies only retain your computer and operating system identification details as well as your user preferences. Cookies do not damage your computer.

MindArk uses “session cookies”. The session cookie is stored in a temporary memory and is erased after you close your web browser.

You can avoid cookies by instructing your web browser to automatically reject cookies or to inform you every time a website requests the storage of a cookie. You can also use your web browser to erase cookies that were previously stored on your computer. If you choose not to accept cookies there is a risk that you would not be able to use all of MindArk’s services or all of the Entropia Universe features.

MindArk has the right to send your computer “cookies” without any further notice to you, as part of your Account application process and your access to and use of the Entropia Universe and website.


You can always contact MindArk via the Support Section of the Entropia Universe website, or by addressing a letter to:

MindArk PE AB (publ)

Attn. Entropia Support,

Järntorget 8,

SE-413 04 Gothenburg,


By using the Entropia Universe you give your consent to this Privacy Policy. MindArk reserve the right to, at any time, update, revise or change this policy. If MindArk makes material changes or revisions to this policy, MindArk will provide notice to you, via the e-mail address you provided upon registration or by communicating the changes on the Entropia Universe website. By continuing to use the Entropia Universe you signify your assent to these changes.

Please not that if you link to another site from the Entropia Universe, this Privacy Policy does not apply to, and cannot control the activities at those other websites.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on the 17th of August, 2009.