Desert Island for Sale!

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The Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) is proud to present the first two of six private island estates.

The result of substantial land reclamation near to the coast of Sentosa, the first two estates have been constructed with a Desert theme. In due course, the ACA plans to introduce two Arctic islands and two Jungle islands.

Of the two released Desert islands, the first is currently for sale from the Arkoin Broker located at the IFN Supply Depot.

Price: 15,000,000 (fifteen million) Arkoins

The Arkoin Broker is selling a claim which can be redeemed with Community Manager Cyrus Chen for the actual land area deed. Therefore, the first colonist with 15,000,000 Arkoins to purchase the claim from the Arkoin Broker will be able to exchange this claim with Cyrus for the Land Area Deed.

Each island:

  • is located a short distance off-shore, not too far from a mainland Teleporter
  • has an approximate area of 2 square kilometres
  • includes an elegant residence complete with lounge, decking, lower floor bar, spiral staircase and panoramic views from upper floor viewing gallery. The residence comes with a Revival Point and an Estate Terminal, which can be used to claim the estate and set access to the residence.
  • All-in-one “LA Marker” that gives the estate owner access to two interfaces:
  • Land Area Settings – here the estate owner can set:
  • Hunting Tax
  • Mining Tax
  • Whether anyone, or only the owner, can create events on the Land Area
  • Whether or not PvP (Player Vs Player) mode is enabled on the Land Area
  • Whether or not SatNav is enabled on the Land Area
  • Creature Management – from here the estate owner can:
  • Utilise up to 6 (six) creature DNA slots to spawn creatures across the Land Area
  • Purchase Improvement Points by adding Fertilizer
  • Spend Improvement Points to control maturity of DNA spawns

A variety of estate upgrade options are available. Further information is located here.

Remember, whoever gets 15,000,000 Arkoins to the Arkoin Broker first, gets the deed!

Good luck!