Curb the Oratan Food Supply

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Date: 1st September 3008Dear Arkadians,


On August 9th, the IFN began discussing reports of a variety of disturbing changes on the continent of Sentosa. Two new creatures, the Feran and the Ostelok, suddenly appeared in healthy numbers on the eastern side of the continent, and multiple Oratan camps were suddenly noticed in a variety of locations.

It is the appearance of these camps which concerns me the most. I believe they represent a threat, and the first real change in Oratan strategy that the IFN has seen to date.


Thus far, no significant force of Oratan has revealed itself from the camps, however I remain concerned that they may be somehow aiding the vast populations of Oratan that we already share Arkadia with. It is still uncertain as to whether or not their numbers are indeed “unlimited” as the ancient Arkadians warned us in The Signal, and I am very wary that we have been surprised by the Oratan before.

Our scientific community has made a small amount of progress in studying the two creatures to appear recently, establishing that the Feran is not a bird, but most likely a mammal. This unfortunately does not appear to be leading us any closer to solving the mysteries at hand.


I have decided, with full support from my scientists, to test whether we can have an indirect influence on the numbers of Oratan by affecting their food supply. We’re not sure exactly what that food supply is, but we need to find out if we are to make any headway against the Oratan. That’s why we’re going to cast a wide net.

Colonists, we need your help to cull the booming native populations of all creatures that have been discovered on Arkadia.

We have therefore created a new hunting competition with some very impressive prizes.


The IFN is offering a variety of Unlimited Smuggler equipment that was recently confiscated from Sanctuary Cove.

In addition to these Smuggler weapons, full value suits of Limited armour from Lorika Tek will be available as prizes.

The competition will last for approximately six weeks. More specific details are included below.

Thank you for your attention, and for your ongoing service to the future of Arkadia!

Commodore Toán Harvir
Imperial Federal Navy

MISSION: CURB THE ORATAN FOOD SUPPLY ( 3rd Sep to 16th of October)

Please Note

  • The Leaderboards for this competition can be found at the forum homepage (ie when you click “Home” at the top of the page) here.
  • Unlimited prizes will be awarded with a TT value of 1.00 PED, and will therefore need to be repaired to at least 50% of their maximum TT value to be operational. Full stats of the Unlimited prizes including maximum TT values are detailed here.
  • Limited prizes (that is, the armour suits), will be awarded at full TT value.
  • Prizes will be awarded in six different categories, to reward colonists for a variety of hunting difficulty levels.
  • The THREE Main Prizes in each category are awarded to those who global the most often. A hunter with 10 separate globals will rank higher for Main Prizes than a hunter with 9 separate globals, regardless of total loot value.
  • The ONE Bonus Prize in each category will be awarded to the hunter with the highest value single global loot.

CATEGORY 1Ostelok and Halix

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman CAP-202 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman CAP-101 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-2 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Corvus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 2Feran and Oro

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman ASI-20 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman ASI-10 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-2 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Canis Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 3Bokol and Hadraada

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) MANTA K-5 Smuggler (UL)
(2) MANTA K-3 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Lupus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 4Oweko and Kiana

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) MAKO FAL-5 Smuggler (UL)
(2) MAKO FAL-3 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Hydra Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 5Yuka and Huon

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman ARK-40 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman ARK-30 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-30 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Cetus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 6Korwil and Teladon

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman LAW-505 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman LAW-404 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-30 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Pegasus Armour Suit (L)



  • Event will run for 6 weeks starting from 3rd September (0000) and ending on 16th October (2400) MA time.
  • A “global” is any loot registering a value higher than 50 PED, including HOF (Hall of Fame) and ATH (All Time High).
  • EntropiaTracker ( will be used to track and decide upon the winners. Arkadia Studios will be committing 3 computers, running the tracker client to ensure all globals are tracked. We encourage everyone to run the EntropiaTracker software to assist in ensuring accuracy of data. If you have any concerns about tracker not recording a global, please contact Starfinder with a valid screenshot of the global.
  • Colonists may compete in as many categories as they wish, however each colonist is only eligible to win one Main Prize, i.e Smuggler items.
  • A single colonist can win multiple Bonus Prizes.
  • It is possible, for example, for a single colonist to win one Main Prize and three Bonus Prizes.
  • If a colonist qualifies for more than one Main Prize, they will be deemed to have won in the higher Category(ies), leaving the lower Category’s(ies’) Main Prize pool(s) open for other colonists.
  • Each Category has a set of 2 mobs (creatures). Each global on either of the mobs in a Category will earn a point. You can choose to hunt both mobs or concentrate on one mob in each category.
  • In the event that there is a tie for any of the prizes, the first player to have achieved the points in that category placing will win the prize, and the other will take the next prize, if any. For example, if two players each achieve 20 globals in their category, and this is the higest result so they appear to have tied for first place. The first player to have reached 20 globals wins first prize, and the other player wins second prize.
  • Final call on prize winners will be decided by Arkadia Studios.
  • Top 3 Prizes for each category will be ready for collection from Cyrus right after the event. Bonus prizes will be given one week later, after gender of the avatars have been confirmed.
  • Arkadia Studios takes a strong stand against foul play. Anyone found trying or caught cheating will be given a direct ban both on the forum and in-game for life.