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Version Update

Planet Arkadia 2012.7.1 Patch Release Notes (11th December 2012)

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The Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) recently conducted a vehicle congestion review across Sentosa. As a result, vehicle use is no longer permitted in Celeste Quarry. These restrictions are currently in a testing phase, and are open to further tweaks as the ACA conducts further research and gauges colonist feedback.

When the ACA is satisfied that the boundary dimensions are adequate, they will be approved. Signs will then be installed at the edges of the boundary to remind drivers to exit their vehicle.


  • Carabok and Gallard spawns near Celeste Quarry have been adjusted in response to colonist feedback on new vegetation density. The ACA hopes there is now something for everyone to enjoy, and encourages further colonist discussion of the matter at Arkadia Forum.
  • The collision box of the Gallard has been amended to allow colonists to get a little closer.
  • Riptor collision box has been adjusted so that they don’t push colonists around as much.
  • Shagadi Disintegration Sword has had the spelling of its name corrected.

Known Issues

  • The Golden Door under Aakas is currently unstable, causing the server to crash. Crashing servers being a serious health hazard, the door remains non-interactive.
  • Gangnam style appears to have lasted until the year 3009.

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.7: Further information

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Further to Tuesday’s Planet Arkadia Update 2012.7 release notes, we thought it worthwhile confirming further details about our two major changes. The changes to creature statistics and our Herman Industries weapon range are as follows:

Creature Statistics

Oratan Lancer

  • Hit probability slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased
  • Damage slightly increased

Aakas Defender

  • Hit points slightly decreased

Aakas Paladin, Aakas Sentinel

  • Damage slightly increased

Dehera Attacker to Dehera Juggernaut (all ten maturities)

  • Hit probability slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased on higher levels
  • Hit points slightly decreased on lower levels
  • Regeneration rate significantly increased
  • Run speed slightly increased
  • Damage significantly increased on higher levels

Magurg Female

  • Hit probability slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased on higher maturities
  • Hit points slightly decreased on lower maturities
  • Regeneration rate significantly increased
  • Damage slightly increased on Young and Stalker


  • Hit probability slightly decreased
  • Regeneration rate significantly increased
  • Damage slightly increased on Young to Provider
  • Damage slightly decreased on Guardian to Dominant
  • Damage significantly decreased on Alpha to Stalker


  • Hit points slightly decreased
  • Damage slightly increased
  • Regeneration rate slightly inreased


  • Attack rate slightly increased
  • Hit points significantly decreased
  • Damage significantly increased on Young to Provider
  • Damage slightly increased on Provider to Stalker


  • Attack rate slightly decreased
  • Regeneration rate slightly increased
  • Damage significantly decreased

Weapon Statistics

As per Chris|Arkadia’s post here today, following are the new Start and End Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) levels for each of the weapons produced by Herman Industries. Those that have not changed are not included in the list:

Name Start End
Herman ARK-20 (L) 11 16
Herman ARK-30 (L) 27 32
Herman ARK-40 (L) 46 51
Herman ARK-50 (L) 65 70
Herman ARK-10 Desert (L) 5 10
Herman ARK-20 Desert (L) 21 26
Herman ARK-30 Desert (L) 34 39
Herman ARK-40 Desert (L) 54 59
Herman ARK-50 Desert (L) 70 75
Herman ARK-10 Jungle (L) 6 11
Herman ARK-20 Jungle (L) 23 28
Herman ARK-30 Jungle (L) 38 43
Herman ARK-40 Jungle (L) 60 65
Herman ARK-50 Jungle (L) 77 82
Herman ARK-10 Arctic (L) 6 11
Herman ARK-20 Arctic (L) 22 27
Herman ARK-30 Arctic (L) 36 41
Herman ARK-40 Arctic (L) 50 55
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L) 75 80
Herman LAW-202 (L) 13 18
Herman LAW-303 (L) 27 32
Herman LAW-404 (L) 50 55
Herman LAW-505 (L) 66 71
Herman LAW-101 Desert (L) 5 10
Herman LAW-202 Desert (L) 21 26
Herman LAW-303 Desert (L) 42 47
Herman LAW-404 Desert (L) 56 61
Herman LAW-505 Desert (L) 71 76
Herman LAW-101 Jungle (L) 6 11
Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L) 23 28
Herman LAW-303 Jungle (L) 46 51
Herman LAW-404 Jungle (L) 60 65
Herman LAW-505 Jungle (L) 77 82
Herman LAW-101 Arctic (L) 5 10
Herman LAW-202 Arctic (L) 22 27
Herman LAW-303 Arctic (L) 44 49
Herman LAW-404 Arctic (L) 58 63
Herman LAW-505 Arctic (L) 75 80
Herman ASI-20 (L) 11 16
Herman ASI-30 (L) 24 29
Herman ASI-40 (L) 37 42
Herman ASI-50 (L) 63 68
Herman ASI-10 Desert (L) 7 12
Herman ASI-20 Desert (L) 21 26
Herman ASI-30 Desert (L) 32 37
Herman ASI-40 Desert (L) 42 47
Herman ASI-50 Desert (L) 70 75
Herman ASI-10 Jungle (L) 7 12
Herman ASI-20 Jungle (L) 21 26
Herman ASI-30 Jungle (L) 33 38
Herman ASI-40 Jungle (L) 44 49
Herman ASI-50 Jungle (L) 72 77
Herman ASI-10 Arctic (L) 7 12
Herman ASI-20 Arctic (L) 21 26
Herman ASI-30 Arctic (L) 33 38
Herman ASI-40 Arctic (L) 44 49
Herman ASI-50 Arctic (L) 72 77
Herman CAP-202 (L) 12 17
Herman CAP-303 (L) 25 30
Herman CAP-404 (L) 37 42
Herman CAP-505 (L) 56 61
Herman CAP-101 Desert (L) 7 12
Herman CAP-202 Desert (L) 20 25
Herman CAP-303 Desert (L) 32 37
Herman CAP-404 Desert (L) 43 48
Herman CAP-505 Desert (L) 62 67
Herman CAP-101 Jungle (L) 7 12
Herman CAP-202 Jungle (L) 21 26
Herman CAP-303 Jungle (L) 34 39
Herman CAP-404 Jungle (L) 45 50
Herman CAP-505 Jungle (L) 64 69
Herman CAP-101 Arctic (L) 7 12
Herman CAP-202 Arctic (L) 22 27
Herman CAP-303 Arctic (L) 33 38
Herman CAP-404 Arctic (L) 44 49
Herman CAP-505 Arctic (L) 65 70

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.7 (4th December 2012)

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The team at Arkadia Studios has been working hard on major new content for next year’s first update. We can’t talk too much about it for now, but let’s just say we’re quietly excited!

Today’s update, however, is focused primarily on rebalancing and bugfixing. Changes are as follows:

Creature Stats

As mentioned in the Entropia Universe 12.10 Release Notes, universe-wide change to balancing requirements for creatures has resulted in the need for review of all creature statistics. In most cases, our creatures were already well-balanced, however the following creatures had changes made:

  • Scoria
  • Kadra
  • Riptor
  • Nusul
  • Magurg Female
  • Oratan Lancer
  • Aakas Defender, Aakas Paladin, Aakas Sentinel, Aakas Warden
  • Dehera Attacker, Dehera Brute, Dehera Charger, Dehera Destroyer, Dehera Exterminator, Dehera Furion, Dehera Giant, Dehera Hero, Dehera Infuriator, Dehera Juggernaut

Weapon Stats

A universe-wide change to balancing requirements for weapons has resulted in the need for review of the Herman Industries weapon range. In our cases, this includes the entire ASI, ARK, CAP and LAW pistol and rifle series.

The requirement was that the whole range of weapons needed to have Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) figures adjusted in order for the rest of the statistics to remain the same. As a result, in general the SIB levels have increased for these weapons.

We understand that for those colonists who own such weapons (and the relevant Blueprints), this means a higher skill requirement to continue to be able to use the weapon. We realise this is an inconvenience and we apologise.

On the other hand, we took the decision to make this change, because it now appears to mean the weapon availability will improve. We hope this will be particularly noticeable at the higher ends of the ASI, ARK, CAP and LAW weapon series.

We are aware also that these changes open up SIB level gaps between the various weapons. This of course is an unintended consequence, and we are already looking at the possibility of new ranges of weapons in future, in order to fill these gaps.

Please understand that we are doing our best to look after you, our colonists, and we believe this change to be in the best long term interest of your community.

Fixes and Improvements

  • In the first of many future terrain updates, the area around Celeste Quarry has had some terrain changes. We encourage you to take your Hoverpod for a drive, so you can see what the future of Arkadian terraforming and landscaping holds.
  • A new Gallard spawn has been added to the north-east of Celeste Quarry. This is easily reached by following the tunnel through the hill from the Quarry, the entrance for which is at 31254, 9598.
  • Terrain and path updates have also been made around the Nusul Spawn area, primarily beginning from Celeste Outpost at 27267, 10933, and up through the hills to the north-west, all the way to a new entrance of Fearless Firebase Academy at 25047, 15354.
  • The ACA Representative’s missions have been adjusted so that it should now be possible to complete all missions.
  • All ten existing instances under the ancient city of Aakas should now be operating correctly. It should now be possible to exit the instance directly after looting the Treasure Chests.

Known Issues

  • Gallard’s collision box is the wrong size, and has already been adjusted. This change will come through with the upcoming patch, expected next week.
  • The instance behind the Arkadian Golden Door is still causing the server to crash. We are hopeful to have this rectified by the next update.
  • Arkoin Brokers are still not operational. At this stage we are unsure of a time for the fix, however we are hopeful of having it for our first update of 2013.

Planet Arkadia 2012.6.1 Patch Release Notes (17th Oct)

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Since last week’s discovery of Oratan Wave Spawns, the Oratan Lancer and a strange change to the Kadra, the following changes and fixes have now been implemented:

  • A newly discovered creature, the Gallard, was incredibly well-camouflaged in the recent version update, but has now taken on a bright orange appearance. Colonists need not be alarmed, however, as it is quite harmless. The Gallard can be found to the east of the Celeste Outpost Teleporter.
  • Some of the Oratan Wave Spawns are now spread over larger areas. This has mainly occurred in locations that aren’t boxed in by the surrounding terrain.
  • The time limits on Aakas instance levels 9 and 10 have been increased.
  • In all locations where previously there was an IFN Challenge Terminal, there are now three interaction points:
    1. IFN Challenge Terminal – this is a place for colonists to open and update their IFN Challenge missions, all of which are based on being rewarded for culling native populations of creatures above the ground.
    2. ACA Representative – this is a non-player character (NPC) who allows colonists to open and update missions for clearing out the instanced areas. Currently this applies to the instances under the ancient city of Aakas, with Dehera Clearance missions.
    3. Attribute Token Broker – this allows colonists to exchange 100 Attribute Tokens for an Attribute Point of their choice.
  • Two new sets of the above three interaction points have been placed at Celeste Quarry.
  • The Herman ASI-8 R, available from the Trade Terminal, is now tradeable.

Known Issues

  • The Golden Door under Aakas is currently unstable, causing the server to crash. Since crashing servers are a serious health hazard, the door is under further investigation, and has for the time being been made non-interactive.

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.5.1 Patch Release Notes (4th Sept 2012)

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Since the launch of the Aakas instances and the Arkadia Gold Rush 2012 last week, a number of changes and fixes have now been implemented:

  • After some triple checking of the higher order energy signatures in Arkadian Keys, the IFN has given the green light for colonists to explore what are expected to be even more dangerous parts of the subterranean desert city!
  • Due to numerous reports of Magurg Females eating careless colonists, the Arkadian Colonial Administration has requested greater attention be paid to Treasure Hunter safety. Accordingly, timers have been added to Aakas instances in the hope that colonists will stay focused.
  • A number of enterprising NPCs have started making interesting offers for Arkoins at the IFN Supply Depot:
    • IFN Clothing Store Arkoin Broker is at 30728, 13366.
    • IFN Armoury Arkoin Broker is at 30936, 13414.
    • IFN Weaponry Store Arkoin Broker is at 30974, 13511.
  • Apartment walls now operate as expected, and will tolerate things being hung upon them where previously they would not.
  • The Alloy Plate Blueprint icon should now be showing correctly.
  • The Arkadian Tools Blueprint Book now allows for crafting of the Arkadian Golden Key.
  • The instance areas under Aakas now generate appropriately themed music for Treasure Hunters.
  • Inspired by the appropriately themed music, the creatures under Aakas have now begun making sounds of their own.
  • The new Media Centre’s event terminal has been scolded in an open letter from the Trade Terminals union, and has now promised to behave itself.

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.5 (28th August 2012)

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First three instances under the ancient city of Aakas!


Do you call yourself a Treasure Hunter? Then join Arkadia Gold Rush 2012!

Read all about the new annual event, the Arkadia Gold Rush 2012, in the main even thread here.

There are ELEVEN new instances. 3 of them are ready to explore immediately, and the remainder will be available with the next patch (scheduled for next week). Remember to bring your Arkadian Keys, your team mates and your society!

New Annual Event!

Arkadia Gold Rush 2012
There are plenty of activities to take part in, with eight Alienware X51 Desktop machines to win!

  • Gold Rush Millionaire 2012 – find the Arkadian Golden Key, use it or trade it for 1,000,000 Arkoins!
  • Gold Rush Cinephile 2012 – win an Alienware X51 Desktop!
  • Gold Rush Socialite 2012 – win an Alienware X51 Desktop!
  • Gold Rush Industrialist 2012 – win an Alienware X51 Desktop! 1 crafting global = 1 entry!
  • Gold Rush Prospector 2012 – win an Alienware X51 Desktop! 1 mining global = 1 entry!
  • Gold Rush Warrior 2012 – win an Alienware X51 Desktop! 1 hunting global = 1 entry!
  • Gold Rush Arkoin Baron 2012 – win an Alienware X51 Desktop! Three to be won!
  • Gold Rush Evangelist 2012 – win an Arkadia Forum Gold Membership!

New Content!

  • New Teleporter at the ruins of the ancient city of Aakas, 11180, 9788.
  • Instances under the ruins of Aakas, entrance near the new Aakas Teleporter. First three are open immediately, remaining instances to be opening with the next patch (scheduled for next week).
  • A range of new items have been added, including:
    • Arkoin – a newly discovered stackable item which seems to mainly be found in the Aakas instances
    • Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint
    • Arkadian Golden Key Blueprint (L)
  • A Viewing Gallery has been added next to the starting area of the racetrack northwest of Formidable Firebase Academy.
  • A Media Centre has been added to the IFN Supply Depot at 30897, 13314
  • Four new tracks have been added to the generic music list
  • Ambience sound has been added to the Celeste Harbour server
  • Particle effects have been added to some mobs


  • General bug fixes
  • Adjustments have been made to Riptor Spawns
  • Hoverpods have been adjusted for greater stability

Known Issues

  • Instances currently play generic music, but will have their own music soon.
  • Most new creatures in the Aakas instances currently have no sound effects. This will be rectified in the next patch, scheduled for next week.
  • Currently only three of the ten instance levels are operational. The remaining instances will become operational in the coming patch.
  • The media centre’s event terminal has a life of its own, and believes it is a trade terminal. Its AI will be dialled down in the next patch, where it will be operating as required.

Planet Arkadia Update 2013.2.1 (26th June 2013)

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Planet Arkadia Update 2013.2.1 Patch Notes (26th June 2013)

A number of issues have been resolved in today’s patch, including the following:

  • Turrets Received Etiquette Upgrade
    Colonists at Celeste Outpost and the Command Post at 31462, 11043 (near the Carabok and Gallard event area) will now be free to go about their business without the turrets following them around.
  • Bill – Viceroy Armour Quest
    Bill has been relocated inside the Quarry Manager’s Office at Celeste Quarry, and is still happy to trade you a set of Viceroy – Skullcandy Edition armour.
  • Viceroy is Visible
    There is now more to Viceroy armour than eyeballs and teeth. All pieces of this armour set, available from Bill at Celeste Quarry Manager’s Office, should now be visible and functioning correctly. Viceroy owners may now take their armour to the contaminated PvP zone. Bill himself, who is wearing Viceroy, should also now be visible.
  • Viceroy Visible in Inventory
    Viceroy armour should now be showing correctly in your inventory, instead of a red X.
  • Purple Ankitus
    Ankitus armour is now red again.
  • Adjusted Musca as Discipleship Reward
    ACA systems have revealed that Adjusted Musca as a reward was not functioning as described with the recent update. After this patch, it should be functioning correctly, and should be given to anyone completing discipleship anywhere, provided that their account was created through the Arkadia start room. Colonists, mentors and disciples are encouraged to give feedback in this thread regarding functionality, specifically noting where the player’s account was created, and where they were when they graduated.
  • IFN Prototype Armour
    A new armour, “IFN Prototype (L)”, has been added to the Arkoin Broker in place of Perseus (L), which has been removed from the Arkoin Broker.
  • “Transport the Unidentified Ore” Quest
    The ACA Representative is now back from his unannounced holiday and is once again waiting in the Archaeological Headquarters at Celeste Harbour to meet people completing the new player missions.


  • Oil Rig
    Unfortunately the Oil Rig is not yet functioning correctly. A solution is expected with Planet Arkadia Update 2013.3, currently scheduled for September.

Planet Arkadia Update 2013.2 (18th June 2013)

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A number of natural and unnatural developments have taken place recently on Arkadia. The result is that there are some significant and exciting changes awaiting colonist discovery. The following surveillance audio was recently recovered from the Scientific Research Lab:

‘Morning Lucca, what you working on there?’

‘Oh, hi Alina! I was just analysing this… well… ‘Mutation Agent’ is the best thing I can call it.’

‘Mutation Agent? I don’t recall us developing anything remotely mutagenic.’


‘Okay, out with it. Where did you get it?’

‘When I arrived earlier, there was a delivery with a note attached. It was a container of this bright green substance along with a selection of animal specimens. The note didn’t say where it came from but clearly explained that they wanted us to find out what we could about it and send the results to the IFN.’

‘Sounds very suspicious and illegal. Maybe we should contact IFN HQ now and report it to Captain Chiharo?’

‘If we do that, we need to have something solid to tell them first. They’re going to ask.’

‘Fair enough. So, what have you found out?’

‘Well, it seems to have some interesting properties as a sort of catalyst.’

‘A catalytic mutagen?’

‘Well, yes. It seems to interact quite predictably with all of the cellular DNA that came with the package. I’m just experimenting with some others now, and getting the same results.’

‘Wait, are you telling me what I think you are telling me?’

“Yes, I am. This stuff could be dangerous in the right hands. And furthermore, from the spectral analysis, it’s definitely not a substance we have catalogued as forming naturally anywhere in the known universe.’

‘So, let me get this straight. Someone who would prefer to remain anonymous has created and delivered to us a Mutation Agent, urging us to warn the IFN.’

‘Exactly. Someone who no doubt knows what this stuff can do, and no doubt has kept at least one sample for themselves. Now imagine what could happen if somebody added this to the refiner when making a DNA Cartridge.’

‘Oh wow. How much more of this stuff is out there?’

‘I have no idea. But we’re going to report this right now.’

The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Update 2013.2. This information is provided to the extent that the ACA is at liberty to discuss at this time. Log in today and check things out for yourself, to discover how the changes affect you!


Mutation Agent has been discovered!

The Scientific Research Lab is still coming to terms with the new Mutation Agent being collected by colonists all over Sentosa.

Mutated creatures are being spotted all over Sentosa!
Based on Dr. Lucca’s tests, the most likely conclusion is that someone has used the Mutation Agent to alter native populations of many Arkadian creatures. The scientists are still unsure how this has happened so quickly, but are confident the creatures will be gone in the near future. Colonists are advised to approach with caution, and take this limited opportunity to scan and collect data on the poor creatures. Beyond this, the likely only further opportunity would be is if a colonist was to utilise the Mutation Agent in DNA creation.

Mutated DNA – additional option for land areas!

The IFN strongly urges against this behaviour, but Dr. Alina has shown it is now possible to include Mutation Agent in the creation of the DNA part for most creatures. Underground creatures, which appear non-responsive to the Mutation Agent, are an exception to this. Item descriptions of DNA animal parts have been updated where appropriate to reflect the change. Approach with research and caution. A technicality: the refiners do not allow the Mutation Agent to be the last ingredient added. If you must create a mutant, add the Mutation Agent first.

Oratan stats have changed. Why are they easier to fight?

Reports are flooding in that Oratan seem somewhat stupefied of late. Less agressive and with a lowered rate of attack, they seem to be able to take more damage before succumbing. Perhaps if there is a force guiding the Oratan’s activities, this force has had a change of heart. As usual when it comes to Oratan, very little is known or understood about their behaviour or developments, except for one constant: they want us dead, they are relentless, and there appears to be no end to their numbers.

Oratan changes indicate a confrontation may be imminent!

In the light of the reported fundamental changes to the Oratan, the IFN cannot rule out a change in strategy from whatever is guiding them. The IFN requests all colonists to prepare themselves for a confrontation that appears inevitable. We have held them back before, and we will do it again. Further information will be passed to colonists as and when the intelligence becomes available.

IFN Killpoint Challenge – Oratan has been added!

To take advantage of the more aimless state the Oratan seem to be in, a new type of mission has been created. Instead of simply tracking the number of kills, the mission tracks the type of kill, and allocates points based on the type and maturity of the Oratan that are killed. The bigger it is, the more points you get. The new mission can be found at the IFN Challenge Terminal. All colonists are asked to open the mission and eliminate every Oratan they find. The mission assigns killpoints to Oratan, Oratan Slasher, Oratan Lancer and Oratan Miner only.

IFN Killpoint Challenge – Ostelok has been added!

Programmers took the opportunity, while creating the IFN Killpoint Challenge, to add similar missions for the Ostelok. Points in the mission will be assigned based on the maturity of Ostelok killed. The new mission can be found at the IFN Challenge Terminal.

IFN Challenge introduced for Carabok and Gallard!

As single-maturity creatures, Carabok and Gallard have been given a standard IFN Challenge. The new missions can be found at the IFN Challenge Terminal.

Mining activity from Oratan has affected colonist mining!
PTech has reported disturbances in recent yield allocations, which engineers believe may be linked to a series of Oratan-infested mines that have only just been discovered. They are all within short distances of Oratan camps, for which colonists have map markers.

PvP – Contaminated Arctic Mining Zone!

With PTech’s reported disturbances, rare resources are being discovered in the Arctic region, but they seem to be located in an area that poses a health risk to colonists who enter. The IFN has marked out the contaminated zone, which is a circular area centred around the coordinates 12318, 27839, and are recommending all colonists entering the area first use an Anti-Toxic Shot, available from the Trade Terminal for 5.10 PED. Miners beware! In this area it is possible to both kill and loot other colonists, so be on the look out for hunters wanting a share of your valuable resources!

PvP – Desert Oil Rig!

A new Oil rig has been placed in the desert area for public use. All colonists are free to collect Oil as it flows periodically from the rig. But it won’t be easy. The rig is located inside a PvP zone, where colonists can kill, but cannot loot, each other. The PvP zone is a circular area centred around the coordinates 10185, 11861. This area does not require an Anti-Toxic Shot to enter.

Oratan mines located! Clean them out, loot real life Skullcandy headsets!
The purpose of the Oratan in collecting resources is unknown, but it is almost certainly evil. The IFN wants colonists to investigate the Oratan mines and clean out this scourge that has infested the landscape. As an additional incentive to do so, certificates for real life Skullcandy headsets have been temporarily placed in their loot. This is part of a joint promotion with Skullcandy, who will post the real life items directly to anyone holding a certificate who claims the prize by emailing

The following headsets are available:

  • SLYR – 5 sets available!
  • PLYR 2 – 4 sets available!
  • PLYR 1 – 3 sets available!

New Viceroy Armour – Skullcandy Edition built just for you by Bill at Celeste Quarry, in a new type of quest!

The second part of the new Skullcandy joint promotion is a custom armour set, made by a gentleman known only as “Bill”, who is currently stationed at Celeste Quarry. This new type of quest requires colonists to trade resources to Bill in exchange for Unlimited armour parts that are bound to the player’s account and cannot be traded.

The Viceroy – Skullcandy Edition armour parts will only be available from Bill until Planet Arkadia Update 2013.3, expected in September. After this, Bill will be producing standard Viceroy armour which will have identical statistics to the Skullcandy Edition.

Colonists are encouraged to approach Bill to discuss purchasing their own bespoke armour set.

Stats for the armour are as follows:

  • Viceroy Armour ArkadiaPlasma Prototypes – two new weapons in the Arkoin Broker!
    Eclipse, a new entrant in the Arkadian weaponry market, has introduced two new Prototype weapons to the Arkoin Broker – the Eclipse 2000 Plasma Carbine Prototype (L) and the Eclipse 4000 Plasma Carbine Prototype (L). Be one of the first to experience a new type of Arkadian weapon!
  • Adjusted Musca – graduates of mentorship now receive Adjusted Musca instead of Pixie armour!
    Arkadian Mentors have long been asking for a genuinely Arkadian reward to be given to their disciples upon graduation, and the ACA is proud to now introduce such a thing. The ACA also plans to introduce Arkadian mentor rewards in future.
  • Custom storefronts – check out some of the new shops that colonists have had customised!
    Arkadia Studios recently announced that if you purchase an upgrade of 50 item points to your shop, you can have your own customised store-front personally created by the development team. The first of these have now been created. Take a walk around Celeste Harbour (which has been optimised with dramatic frame rate increases) and check out the new looks!
  • New Account Creation – new players now arrive from orbit via Dropship!
    The team has been hard at work improving the experience of brand new arrivals to the Arkadian system. New colonists will now complete basic training and customise their avatar on board a mothership in orbit around Arkadia. Following this they are directed to a Dropship, which transports them to a brand new arrival area on the surface of Planet Arkadia, which replaces the previous building.


Turrets Misbehaving

Colonists at Celeste Outpost and the Command Post at 31462, 11043 (near the Carabok and Gallard event area) may notice turrets continuously firing and appearing to follow them around as long as they are in its range. Rest assured, they are still only causing damage to enemies. IFN engineers understand exactly what is causing the problem and will have it fixed within a week.

Oil Rig Not Pumping
The oil rig will start pumping oil in the next few days. Please stay tuned for further information on when it will be operational.

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.4.1 (5th June 2012)

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Since the launch of Treasure Hunting on Planet Arkadia last week, a number of changes and fixes have now been implemented, as follows:

  • The ambitious tree in the starting area of the racetrack northwest of Formidable Firebase Academy has been transplanted to a more suitable location.
  • The man-made tunnel entrance on the racetrack, that has been known to trip up even the more experienced of cameramen during late-night filming, has been enlarged.
  • Rookie TerraMaster has been added to the Trade Terminal. With a TT value of 1.00 PED, it drops 1 probe for Energy Matter, 2 probes for Ore and 3 probes for Treasure. Its average search depth is 109.5m and it has a maximum useage of 8 times per minute.
  • Rookie Rock Ripper has been added to the Trade Terminal. With a TT value of 1.00 PED, it has an Efficiency rating of 6, and can be used 17 times per minute.
  • Level 1 Arkadian Key Blueprint has been added to the Technician
  • Artistic Representations have had their contact points adjusted so they can be displayed properly
  • Zig Zag Curtain Open now looks like an open Zig Zag Curtain
  • Mah’Ketta and Liakon armour part item descriptions now correctly show them as “Looted” not “Manufactured”
  • Modern Curtain Open Blueprint and Modern Curtain Closed Blueprint now function correctly, producing the appropriate curtains

Other Notes:

  • Just as you would expect in real life, IFN caps and ACA/AS caps have been designed for the more military style haircuts and should not be expected to function correctly with hairstyles that take up a lot more room.

Finally, Arkadia Studios would like to thank all the enthusiastic Treasure Hunters and keen observers who so diligently and politely reported bugs and missing items in the days following the release of Treasure Hunting. Your assistance has ensured that within a week we have been able to make many improvements to the experience.

Planet Arkadia Update 2012.4 (29th May 2012)

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Arkadia Studios is excited to bring you TREASURE HUNTING!

‘Toán. Thanks for coming to meet me.’ Sundari smiled as Harvir arrived at the Archaeological Research Lab nestled among the hills north of Celeste Harbour.

‘Good afternoon Sundari. How are you?’ He asked as they walked together through the entrance and made their way into the facility.

‘Excited to say the least. The Science Division got back to us about the strange door that Chambers and the team found under the desert ruins last week.’

‘Good. What do they have to say?’

‘Tero found a damaged device lying next to one of the armour suits, and it appears to somehow fit the lock in the door, but won’t open it. However, when they reverse engineered the technology in the device they were able to develop ten separate keys.’

‘Interesting. Why ten?’

‘Well, the technology seems to be the same as what was used in The Signal. We can read it the same way. They’ve used a modified version of the tool the late Professor Lee developed to translate The Signal and it’s giving them ten different energy signatures. I’m convinced the lock is Arkadian, Toán, and it looks like there are at least ten different ways to open it.’

‘Ten different ways to open one lock?’ Harvir stopped walking and looked at Zhen quizzically.

‘Yes. But that’s just the start of it. They’re saying that by reprogramming the PTech mining gear, we can use existing equipment to help us locate the new resources they’re calling “Treasure”, which we need to make the keys.’

‘I see. Remind me, what did Chambers and the team find down in the entrance room again?’

‘From what was catalogued, there were some armours, a variety of blades and some other ancient artefacts. It seems like it may have been some sort of supply cache. Who knows what’s on the other side of the door though. Whatever it is, if it’s even still there, it must have been important to them.’ Sundari said as they arrived at the workstation of Dr. Leigh Terpecaya.

‘Hello, Commodore’ said Terpecaya.

As his eyes met those of the archaeologist, Harvir realised the importance of the path he was about to lead the colony down. Now that the opportunity for underground exploration was right before him, he could not ignore his gut instinct.

‘Good afternoon, Leigh. I’m thinking we want to start off by building up a stock of these keys so that whatever lies inside, we can send as many people in as we need to.’

He was momentarily taken aback as both the archaeologists reacted with delight. They had clearly been waiting for this moment.

‘Doctors,’ Harvir said, ‘Give me the keys to the kingdom!

New Content

Treasure Hunting

  • PTech has reconfigured mining devices such that they are now able to target a third resource: Treasure! Treasure Hunting costs 30 probes, and can be selected on its own or in combination with Enmatter and/or Ore.
  • It is possible for Treasure Hunters using the new mining system to loot complete items of Treasure.
  • A range of ten manufactured Arkadian Keys has been introduced. Stay alert for future updates concerning their use. Appropriate slots have been added to the Arkadian Tool Blueprints Book.

IFN – Imperial Federal Navy

  • A shipment of prototype longer ranged BLP and laser rifles has gone missing after a supply shuttle crashed. The first rescue teams to the crash site found the area picked clean of all valuables. Colonists are advised to keep an eye on their loot for these items.
  • Introduction of unlimited Standard Issue Rifle (SIR), a longer ranged BLP rifle series, looted only.
  • Introduction of unlimited Range Adjusted Weapon (RAW), a longer ranged laser rifle series, looted only.
  • Release of full range of unlimited manufactured IFN clothing, so that colonists can show their affiliation with the IFN.


  • A colourful carnivorous biped has been seen roaming around Sentosa – the Riptor
  • The Teladon has been completely reconstructed
  • The Kamaldon has been completely reconstructed
  • Many animal parts are now being picked up by hunters, and have been incorporated into the manufacture of some items

ACA – Arkadian Colonial Administration

  • Release of a full range of manufactured, unlimited civilian clothing, allowing colonists to show their affiliation with the ACA and/or Archaeological Society. Additionally, a range of customisable items are available for the fashion conscious to colour and texture.
  • Due to popular demand, a cute and comforting selection of unlimited, lootable plush toy decorations has been unleashed into the loot pool.
  • Release of a range of modern manufactured furniture, utilising Arkadian Treasure resources, for decorating your estates.
  • Due to popular demand, a racetrack has been constructed on the mainland of Sentosa, northwest of Formidable Firebase Academy. Colonists should consider wearing their Carapace Helmet when operating vehicles in the area.
  • Due to popular demand, a fashion catwalk has been constructed near the IFN Military Headquarters in Celeste Harbour.


  • Approximately one hundred new Blueprints have been introduced for manufacturers, for a variety of items including:
    • Textures
    • Components
    • Armour
    • IFN Clothing
    • Civilian Clothing
    • Furniture
    • Tools – Arkadian Keys
  • A Clothing Blueprint Book has been added to the Technician Terminal, and all relevant Blueprint slots have been added to the appropriate Blueprint Books.


  • The items acquired during the New Player Experience can now be handed in to the Trade Terminal if and when they are no longer required.
  • A particularly ambitious tree has managed to grow right through one section of the racetrack. Officials quickly dismissed any notions of keeping this “natural obstacle”, reminding daredevils that there are plenty of waterfalls around Sentosa. The ACA is already working to remove the tree. Additionally, a cave entrance on the track may be too small for some vehicles to enter. Please approach with caution.