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Desert Island for Sale!

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The Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) is proud to present the first two of six private island estates.

The result of substantial land reclamation near to the coast of Sentosa, the first two estates have been constructed with a Desert theme. In due course, the ACA plans to introduce two Arctic islands and two Jungle islands.

Of the two released Desert islands, the first is currently for sale from the Arkoin Broker located at the IFN Supply Depot.

Price: 15,000,000 (fifteen million) Arkoins

The Arkoin Broker is selling a claim which can be redeemed with Community Manager Cyrus Chen for the actual land area deed. Therefore, the first colonist with 15,000,000 Arkoins to purchase the claim from the Arkoin Broker will be able to exchange this claim with Cyrus for the Land Area Deed.

Each island:

  • is located a short distance off-shore, not too far from a mainland Teleporter
  • has an approximate area of 2 square kilometres
  • includes an elegant residence complete with lounge, decking, lower floor bar, spiral staircase and panoramic views from upper floor viewing gallery. The residence comes with a Revival Point and an Estate Terminal, which can be used to claim the estate and set access to the residence.
  • All-in-one “LA Marker” that gives the estate owner access to two interfaces:
  • Land Area Settings – here the estate owner can set:
  • Hunting Tax
  • Mining Tax
  • Whether anyone, or only the owner, can create events on the Land Area
  • Whether or not PvP (Player Vs Player) mode is enabled on the Land Area
  • Whether or not SatNav is enabled on the Land Area
  • Creature Management – from here the estate owner can:
  • Utilise up to 6 (six) creature DNA slots to spawn creatures across the Land Area
  • Purchase Improvement Points by adding Fertilizer
  • Spend Improvement Points to control maturity of DNA spawns

A variety of estate upgrade options are available. Further information is located here.

Remember, whoever gets 15,000,000 Arkoins to the Arkoin Broker first, gets the deed!

Good luck!


GUNNAR Promotion!

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Arkadia Studios today announced a partnership with GUNNAR Optiks to create Virtual Gaming Eyewear.

Arkadia Studios and GUNNAR Optiks have joined forces to bring a real world piece of gaming equipment to life in the virtual world. A 3D version of GUNNAR’s Vayper Onyx will be available to colonists on Planet Arkadia from today, after the release of Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1. Additionally, colonists will be able to purchase a certificate for the real life version directly from the Arkoin Broker.

GUNNARs are high tech computer eyewear, designed to protect, enhance and optimise your vision. They use a number of specific technologies to reduce the stress on your eyes, including FRACTYL lens geometry, DIAMIX lens material, IONIK lens tints and iFi lens coatings.

The full press release can be read here.

Part of the recently announced Arkadia Sunrise era is about promoting Planet Arkadia globally. The GUNNAR promotion represents an opportunity to do so. As such, we have created which we encourage colonists to take a look at.

How to get virtual GUNNARs

Random hunting loots across the planet will drop a limited number of virtual GUNNARs glasses over approximately the next three months, in both Male and Female versions.

How to get real life GUNNARs

A limited number of certificates will be available to purchase from the Arkoin Broker with today’s patch (Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1). Each certificate needs to be validated with Cyrus | Arkadia either here at Planet Arkadia Forum or in-game, contacting the avatar “Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager”.

The specific real life item is the onyx coloured model detailed here.

Happy hunting!

Additional Information from GUNNAR Optiks

  • Increases CONTRAST for greater visual accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhances DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision
  • Helps REDUCE GLARE and improves focus
  • Improves visual ENDURANCE for extended gaming sessions
  • DECREASES eye FATIGUE and dry eyes

The Reality:
You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, tablet, or TV monitor. As the hours go by, you subject your eyes to the harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. This constant viewing of digital screens can create visual stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches — leading to an obvious conclusion.

Staring at a computer for long hours takes its toll on your eyes.
Add the standard 2-4+ hours a day gaming and your reality is complete and total visual burnout.

The Solution:
GUNNAR Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear is a technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance, and optimize your vision.
Whether you are gaming for long hours or working on the computer, GUNNAR eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress while improving contrast, comfort, and focus.
GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear also creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience for the avid gamer, improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery.

GUNNARS Are Prescription Compatible:
Our prescription lens program is supported and administered by Carl Zeiss Vision, the worldwide leader in precision optics for the last 160 years.

Planet Arkadia Triathlon Winners!

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Congratulations to the Arkadian triathletes who gave their all for this competition. Here are the winners!

1st Place
dutch fluske mooren (87 Points)
Chronicle Harness TEN Edition (F) + Armor Plating Mark. 10B (L) TEN Edition

2nd Place
Chuck CrazyBuck Buck (85 Points)
Chronicle Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition

3rd Place
Miguel Garco Gracio (76 Points)
Chronicle Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition

4th Place
Girts Smilgs Niedra (70 Points)
Chronicle Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

5th Place
Grimyth Salty qq (62 Points)
Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition

6th Place
efreet efreet efreet (60 Points)
Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

7th Place
Helene Helena Fra (24 Points)
Paladin Harness (F) TEN Edition

8th Place
Neil Greenleaf Stockton (20 Points)
Paladin Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition

9th Place
Snake Slither Hellfire (18 Points)
Paladin Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition

10th Place
Christer toad Johansson (17 Points)
Paladin Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

Congratulations to the above hard-working triathletes! But there were also five random winners of a Nano-Chip 3-Pack. Here they are!

Random 1: James MiniMe Bond (12 Points)

Random 2: Honey Kitten Little (2 Points)

Random 3: Vintage Yquem Port (14 Points)

Random 4: Leonarda Leona DaVinci (7 points)

Random 5: Azamat Azub Azumaar (2 Points)

If you haven’t won anything yet, don’t worry. There will be more TEN Edition events coming this year, each with different event formats, so do watch out for them!

Please note:

  • The top 10 winners will have their prizes spawned to their avatars by MA soon.
  • Random prize winners will need to private message Cyrus | Arkadia to set up a time to meet in-game to collect your prize.

Congratulations again to all participants. Triathlon has been good event experience for us all!

For more information about this competition, please see the original announcement here.

Herman Industries – New and Renamed Weapons

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In the light of recent adjustments to the skill requirements for each of its ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW firearms, Herman Industries has taken the time to reassess how its range of equipment fits with the playing styles and skill levels of the colonists of Arkadia.

Historically, Herman has endeavoured to make the task of choosing the right weapon as simple as can be for its customers. For this reason, Herman has always included a number in its weapon naming that reflects the minimum required skill level.

Swift and constructive colonist feedback has brought two issues to Herman’s attention after the recent changes to minimum skill requirements for the various firearms:

  1. “Gaps” have emerged between skill requirements for the various weapons as a result of “stretching” them across a wider skill range.
  2. The numbers in the weapon names can now be somewhat confusing, particularly for a colonist new to Herman and/or Arkadia.

After considering the above issues, Herman has decided to make a number of additions and adjustments to the ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW range of weapons.

Note that no weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.

Effective with the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, the following changes will occur:

  • Twenty (20) new firearms will be introduced to Arkadia:
    • 4 x ARK
    • 6 x ASI
    • 5 x CAP
    • 5 x LAW
  • Unlike the existing Herman weapons, these new weapons will be manufactured only.
  • Each of the four unlimited Herman weapons currently available at the Trade Terminal will have their “8 R” or “99 R” suffix changed to “TT R”, to signify “Trade Terminal” and “Repairable”.
  • Every other ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW weapon will have the number in its name changed to the minimum skill requirement number. For example, the Herman ASI-40 Desert (L) now has a minimum skill requirement of level 42, so its new name is Herman ASI-42 Desert (L).
  • Item Descriptions for all ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW models will be updated to reflect the changes.
  • All relevant Blueprints will also have their names and Item Descriptions adjusted according to the changes.

Please note:

  • No existing weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.
  • The standard, Desert, Arctic and Jungle namings and conventions have been retained, and applied to the new weapons as well. As before, “Desert” is given to weapons with a longer range, “Arctic” is for those with a higher damage per shot, and “Jungle” is for more rapid fire, closer range combat. This continues to be reflected in the Item Descriptions.
  • Item Descriptions will still show the next and preceding weapon in the relevant class, but the text has been given more clarity. For example, in the case of an ASI Arctic weapon, “Next Model:” now says “Next ASI Arctic Model:”.

Following is a list of the entire ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW ranges as of the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, showing the existing and new names.

All NEW weapons are listed in bold.

Arkadia Rifle Kit (ARK)
Herman ARK-8 R Herman ARK-TT R
Herman ARK-10 (L)
Herman ARK-20 (L)
Herman ARK-30 (L)
Herman ARK-40 (L)
Herman ARK-50 (L)
Herman ARK-0 (L)
Herman ARK-11 (L)
Herman ARK-16 (L)
Herman ARK-27 (L)
Herman ARK-41 (L)
Herman ARK-46 (L)
Herman ARK-65 (L)
Herman ARK-10 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-20 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-30 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-40 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-50 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-5 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-21 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-31 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-34 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-54 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-70 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-10 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-20 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-30 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-40 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-50 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-6 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-23 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-38 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-55 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-60 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-77 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-10 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-20 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-30 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-40 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-6 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-22 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-36 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-75 Arctic (L)
Arkadia Standard Issue (ASI)
Herman ASI-8 R Herman ASI-TT R
Herman ASI-10 (L)
Herman ASI-20 (L)
Herman ASI-30 (L)
Herman ASI-40 (L)
Herman ASI-50 (L)
Herman ASI-0 (L)
Herman ASI-11 (L)
Herman ASI-24 (L)
Herman ASI-37 (L)
Herman ASI-63 (L)
Herman ASI-10 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-20 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-30 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-40 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-50 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-7 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-21 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-32 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-42 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-48 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-53 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-58 Desert (L)

Herman ASI-70 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-10 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-20 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-30 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-40 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-50 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-7 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-21 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-33 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-44 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-72 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-10 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-20 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-30 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-40 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-5 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-7 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-16 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-21 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-27 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-33 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-44 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-72 Arctic (L)
Combat Assault Pistol (CAP)
Herman CAP-99 R Herman CAP-TT R
Herman CAP-101
Herman CAP-202 (L)
Herman CAP-303 (L)
Herman CAP-404 (L)
Herman CAP-505 (L)
Herman CAP-0 (L)
Herman CAP-12 (L)
Herman CAP-35 (L)
Herman CAP-37 (L)
Herman CAP-48 (L)
Herman CAP-52 (L)

Herman CAP-56 (L)
Herman CAP-101 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-202 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-303 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-404 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-505 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-4 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-7 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-20 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-32 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-40 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-43 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-62 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-101 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-202 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-303 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-404 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-505 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-7 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-21 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-34 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-45 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-64 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-101 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-202 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-303 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-404 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-505 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-7 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-22 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-28 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-33 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-44 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-65 Arctic (L)
Laser Assault Weapon (LAW)
Herman LAW-99 R Herman LAW-TT R
Herman LAW-101 (L)
Herman LAW-202 (L)
Herman LAW-303 (L)
Herman LAW-404 (L)
Herman LAW-505 (L)
Herman LAW-0 (L)
Herman LAW-10 (L)
Herman LAW-13 (L)
Herman LAW-27 (L)
Herman LAW-32 (L)
Herman LAW-50 (L)
Herman LAW-66 (L)
Herman LAW-101 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-202 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-303 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-404 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-505 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-5 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-21 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-42 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-56 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-71 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-101 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-303 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-404 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-505 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-6 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-23 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-46 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-51 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-60 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-77 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-101 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-202 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-303 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-404 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-505 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-5 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-16 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-22 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-37 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-44 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-58 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-75 Arctic (L)

For consistency, Smuggler CAP and LAW weapons will also have the final digit dropped from their number. So 101, 202, 303, 404 and 505 are changed to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.


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Dear participants,

After 24 days of carnage on the Riptors, we are proud to present to you, the winners of the Riptor Rampage 2012. A very big thank you to you for making this event such a great success. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we do.

Riptor Rampage Winners

*Please note,
(a) First place winners in Category A and B in all blocks:

(i) You’ll need to choose one of the two choices of weapons available.
(ii) Kindly private message Cyrus | Arkadia on with your choice by the 26th of January 2013.
(iii) Arrange a time and date to meet in-game to collect your prizes.

(b) Winners in Category C in all blocks:
(i) You’ll need to private message Cyrus | Arkadia on the time and date to meet up in-game to collect your prizes.

(c) MindArk will only spawn the Neurobiotic booster prizes to an avatar’s inventory. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

(d) I will wait until I know which choice of prizes everybody wants before I can proceed to give out the prizes. The sooner the winners above make their choice known to me, the sooner everyone can get their prizes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cyrus Chen
Arkadia | Community Relations Manager

Guess and Win!

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Over the course of 6 days different pieces of a Jigsaw will be put updated in the original post of this thread. The full picture will be revealed on the 7th day.

How to win:

  • Be the first person to guess correctly the full name (brand, model, type etc) of the item in the picture.
  • Each person can only guess once by posting your entry on this thread.
  • You are not allowed to edit your post in this thread (for whatever reason).
  • Any edited posts will be deemed invalid.
  • There will only be one winner.

What will you win:

  • The item in the picture.
    • You can choose to have the item sent to your home (Item will be sent by the end of November) or
    • Sell it in-game by trading with Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager the item’s certificate which you can then sell via trade or auction. Certificate must be traded back to Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager by the 10th November 2012.
  • Prize includes postage and handling from Arkadia Studios in Singapore.
  • Prize does not include any foreign charges (eg import duty) that may be incurred in your country.

We have a winner!
Congratulations to Jan Turisas Hagis for guessing the correct entry.
Please check your inbox for the PM.

Gunnar Vayper Onyx

Launch Date

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Planet Arkadia has officially launched!

 Begin your adventure by signing up here!

While waiting for Planet Arkadia to be downloaded, why not take the time to read the back story? You can do so by clicking here.

Alienware gear to be looted

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You’ll stand a chance to loot Alienware™ gear when Planet Arkadia launches.

All items are kindly sponsored by Alienware™

All Alienware™ gear have been looted. Thank you for your participation in the event.

Alienware TactX™ Headset #1
Alienware TactX™ Headset #2
Alienware TactX™ Headset #3
Alienware TactX™ Headset #4
Alienware TactX™ Headset #5

Alienware TactX™ Mouse #1
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #2
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #3
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #4
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #5

Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #1
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #2
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #3
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #4
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #5

Alienware M11x Laptop #1
Alienware M11x Laptop #2

Items still to be looted
0 X Alienware M11x Laptops
0 X Alienware TactX Keyboards
0 X Alienware TactX Headsets
0 X Alienware TactX Mice

For more information on Alienware™ products, please visit: or

Please send a private message to me, Cyrus, if you have looted an Alienware Certificate. I will inform you the steps you have to follow for the item to be sent to your address.

Curb the Oratan Food Supply

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Leaderboard now available!

Date: 1st September 3008Dear Arkadians,


On August 9th, the IFN began discussing reports of a variety of disturbing changes on the continent of Sentosa. Two new creatures, the Feran and the Ostelok, suddenly appeared in healthy numbers on the eastern side of the continent, and multiple Oratan camps were suddenly noticed in a variety of locations.

It is the appearance of these camps which concerns me the most. I believe they represent a threat, and the first real change in Oratan strategy that the IFN has seen to date.


Thus far, no significant force of Oratan has revealed itself from the camps, however I remain concerned that they may be somehow aiding the vast populations of Oratan that we already share Arkadia with. It is still uncertain as to whether or not their numbers are indeed “unlimited” as the ancient Arkadians warned us in The Signal, and I am very wary that we have been surprised by the Oratan before.

Our scientific community has made a small amount of progress in studying the two creatures to appear recently, establishing that the Feran is not a bird, but most likely a mammal. This unfortunately does not appear to be leading us any closer to solving the mysteries at hand.


I have decided, with full support from my scientists, to test whether we can have an indirect influence on the numbers of Oratan by affecting their food supply. We’re not sure exactly what that food supply is, but we need to find out if we are to make any headway against the Oratan. That’s why we’re going to cast a wide net.

Colonists, we need your help to cull the booming native populations of all creatures that have been discovered on Arkadia.

We have therefore created a new hunting competition with some very impressive prizes.


The IFN is offering a variety of Unlimited Smuggler equipment that was recently confiscated from Sanctuary Cove.

In addition to these Smuggler weapons, full value suits of Limited armour from Lorika Tek will be available as prizes.

The competition will last for approximately six weeks. More specific details are included below.

Thank you for your attention, and for your ongoing service to the future of Arkadia!

Commodore Toán Harvir
Imperial Federal Navy

MISSION: CURB THE ORATAN FOOD SUPPLY ( 3rd Sep to 16th of October)

Please Note

  • The Leaderboards for this competition can be found at the forum homepage (ie when you click “Home” at the top of the page) here.
  • Unlimited prizes will be awarded with a TT value of 1.00 PED, and will therefore need to be repaired to at least 50% of their maximum TT value to be operational. Full stats of the Unlimited prizes including maximum TT values are detailed here.
  • Limited prizes (that is, the armour suits), will be awarded at full TT value.
  • Prizes will be awarded in six different categories, to reward colonists for a variety of hunting difficulty levels.
  • The THREE Main Prizes in each category are awarded to those who global the most often. A hunter with 10 separate globals will rank higher for Main Prizes than a hunter with 9 separate globals, regardless of total loot value.
  • The ONE Bonus Prize in each category will be awarded to the hunter with the highest value single global loot.

CATEGORY 1Ostelok and Halix

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman CAP-202 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman CAP-101 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-2 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Corvus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 2Feran and Oro

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman ASI-20 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman ASI-10 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-2 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Canis Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 3Bokol and Hadraada

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) MANTA K-5 Smuggler (UL)
(2) MANTA K-3 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Lupus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 4Oweko and Kiana

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) MAKO FAL-5 Smuggler (UL)
(2) MAKO FAL-3 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Hydra Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 5Yuka and Huon

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman ARK-40 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman ARK-30 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-30 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Cetus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 6Korwil and Teladon

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman LAW-505 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman LAW-404 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-30 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Pegasus Armour Suit (L)



  • Event will run for 6 weeks starting from 3rd September (0000) and ending on 16th October (2400) MA time.
  • A “global” is any loot registering a value higher than 50 PED, including HOF (Hall of Fame) and ATH (All Time High).
  • EntropiaTracker ( will be used to track and decide upon the winners. Arkadia Studios will be committing 3 computers, running the tracker client to ensure all globals are tracked. We encourage everyone to run the EntropiaTracker software to assist in ensuring accuracy of data. If you have any concerns about tracker not recording a global, please contact Starfinder with a valid screenshot of the global.
  • Colonists may compete in as many categories as they wish, however each colonist is only eligible to win one Main Prize, i.e Smuggler items.
  • A single colonist can win multiple Bonus Prizes.
  • It is possible, for example, for a single colonist to win one Main Prize and three Bonus Prizes.
  • If a colonist qualifies for more than one Main Prize, they will be deemed to have won in the higher Category(ies), leaving the lower Category’s(ies’) Main Prize pool(s) open for other colonists.
  • Each Category has a set of 2 mobs (creatures). Each global on either of the mobs in a Category will earn a point. You can choose to hunt both mobs or concentrate on one mob in each category.
  • In the event that there is a tie for any of the prizes, the first player to have achieved the points in that category placing will win the prize, and the other will take the next prize, if any. For example, if two players each achieve 20 globals in their category, and this is the higest result so they appear to have tied for first place. The first player to have reached 20 globals wins first prize, and the other player wins second prize.
  • Final call on prize winners will be decided by Arkadia Studios.
  • Top 3 Prizes for each category will be ready for collection from Cyrus right after the event. Bonus prizes will be given one week later, after gender of the avatars have been confirmed.
  • Arkadia Studios takes a strong stand against foul play. Anyone found trying or caught cheating will be given a direct ban both on the forum and in-game for life.

Arkadia Moon Deed – Update

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Hi Everyone,
As mentioned in the blog post, we are going to communicate with you on a regular basis and I thought it would be best to start with the discussion of the moon deeds and the future of the Arkadia Moon.

Deed Status

There are currently as of writing this post 145,791 deeds in players’ inventories. That leaves a total of 54,209 deeds left for purchase from the Entropia Universe Web Store.

To purchase deeds – Click here
Content (Current and Future)

As many of you know, PTEC has played a big part on the Arkadia Moon and as you start to engage with them and see what they are all about, you will learn that they will play a big part in your engagement with missions and surrounding issues on the Arkadia Moon. This is going to be key. PTEC helped structure the atmosphere on the moon and make it possible for you to explore the moon as the atmosphere was mostly sulfurous and extremely toxic for humans to explore.

The moon is filled with quite a few hidden easter eggs showing the plans that are going to be executed as content on the Arkadia Moon (yup there are about 9 I can think of right now) – We plan to release a blog post showing you what is in store and what you can expect in a future update. We have been working on the creation of storyline for the Arkadia Moon including a collection of new events that will be exclusive to the Arkadia Moon including the introduction to the old members of Arkadia lore.

The moon will be a great focus of ours in the coming updates, so keep checking back on the forum for what we have in store.