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Planet Arkadia Update 2015.5 Release Notes (22 September 2015)

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The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Update 2015.5. This information is provided, to the extent that the IFN and ACA are at liberty to discuss at this time. Log in today and check things out for yourself, to discover how the changes affect you!


  • Oratan Payback daily missions now all include a tracker to show you which day you are on.
  • Pandi Stage 6 repeatable mission is now available for everyone who finished stage 5.
  • ACA Dehera Clearance – Dehera Defender is now renamed to a more suitable name ACA Dehera Clearance – Aakas Defender.


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  • Firebases Valiant, Victorious, and Indomitable have just installed their new apartment buildings.

Arkadia News Network – Android App

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Hey Arkadians / Entropians

We are pleased to let you know that we have released an application to keep you up to date with the happenings on Planet Arkadia and any official news across Entropia Universe.

With this Push Notification app, you will be able to keep up to date with all official news sent directly to your phone. From the latest news, events, and activities to IFN notifications, Smuggler interceptions and so much more.

The application is only available to Android devices at this moment. We are working on an iOS version of the application.

Please also note that this application is extremely basic at the moment. More features will be added in the future, but discussions will be opened on a separate forum for input.

You can download the application from the Google Play Store

Click here to be taken to Google Play Store – Arkadia News Network


NO private information is stored on our servers. This application only sends out an RSS feed of news or updates that are managed by a staff member of Arkadia Studios / Planet Arkadia.


When installing the application, you will not see any notifications nor see any old notifications. You will only see them once a new piece of news has been released.

Please rate the application 5 stars and give a nice review so we can rank higher and get more players to join us.

Looking forward to delivering a new form of communication to you with quality content and surprise notices.

Competition Red Released Weekend Special – 24th April 2015

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Attention Arkadians

This weekend the Smugglers will appear across Arkadia and will bring with them more firepower than ever before. We call upon members of the IFN to intercept them in all their actions and DO NOT fall for any of their bribes and sweet talks.

Ned Kelly will make appearances across the planet trying to bribe all members of the IFN and the local community. We highly recommend that you do not fall prey to his notions of good faith as it is only a small piece of a greater plan.

We are proud to stand against the Smugglers as a whole and we wish all members to shine up their best gear, load their weapons and get ready for a massive Smuggler onslaught.

Aakas Instances Opened

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Its been a long time but I am happy to report that the Aakas instances are once again open.

There is a small change to the requirements for accessing the Aakas instances.Arkadian Keys will no longer be directly used in accessing the Aakas instances. Instead the Arkadian Keys need to be converted to Arkadian Mini Keys @ Bert Wilhelm located inside the Aakas chamber. The Arkadian Keys need to be full TT value in order to convert them.

The Arkadian key will be converted to a 1 PEC Arkadian Mini Key used to access the instance doors and the remainder of the Arkadian Key value will be returned as Universal Ammo. There is also a random chance of getting something extra when doing the conversion

all time high

$20,000 Loot Found On Arkadia

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Singapore – 8/3/2014 - Planet Arkadia, a virtual treasure hunting themed planet in the Entropia Universe, announced today several players were rewarded with the second largest hunting loot in Entropian history while defending the new Underground region against the threat of the Smuggler movement.

In the game players were introduced to the illegal movement dubbed “The Smugglers” and were requested by the Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) to protect the Arkadian Underground from being plundered and pillaged. Colonists from across the Entropia Universe came together as one to stand and fight.  They were greeted with an outstanding loot of $19,473 that will be part of an All Time High (ATH) that is recorded in a database and will be highly visible for all players.  The winner’s names will go down in history as the defenders of Planet Arkadia and as pioneers of Entropia Universe.

Each player walked away with nothing less than $500 of value in loot after they destroyed a “Smuggler Droid MK2″, a nasty form of technology constructed by the Smugglers to gather information and destroy anything with which it comes into contact.

“Planet Arkadia is a vibrant and growing economy within the Entropia Universe and we are pleased to see the rewards earned for players who were having loads of fun as usual in this event” said David Dobson Managing Director of Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd.

On March 26, 2014 Planet Arkadia announced the offering of Arkadia Underground Deeds, which will make up the world’s first $1,000,000 virtual property. Arkadia Underground gives all players a unique opportunity to participate in virtual land investment within Entropia Universe allowing players to share in the revenues of Arkadia Underground and receive dividends on a daily basis.

This innovative offering by Planet Arkadia enables players to participate in up to 200,000 deeds that have been priced at only 50 PED (or $5.00) per deed in direct response to player demand for more opportunities to invest at a lower entry price. The Real Cash Economy has been developed over a 10 year period providing a solid foundation for the virtual economy as all in-game currency ‘PEDs’ are transferable to US$ at a fixed rate of 10 PED for each dollar, unchanged for over 10 years. Importantly, participants are able to withdraw their earnings back to their real life bank accounts at any time.

Entropia Universe is the world’s largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (MMORCE) game. Players have no monthly fees, but deposit and withdraw real funds to enjoy their adventures on any planet in the Entropia Universe. To download the free game please visit

About Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd

Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd is an independent game developer based in Singapore and was founded in 2010 to bring the virtual world of Planet Arkadia to life within the Entropia Universe.  Arkadia’s mission is to bring the highest quality MMO gaming experience to Entropia Universe players and a rewarding yet social home for the growing reams of Arkadians.

About Entropia Universe AB 

Entropia Universe is the largest Real Cash Economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world. Entropia Universe offers players the ability to participate in a unique virtual world where they have no monthly costs. Its innovative real money economy uses a virtual currency which has a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. This allows players to deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on any virtual planet or in the real world. Entropia Universe uses a state of the art graphics engine to deliver the highest quality visuals in an MMO today.

For more information on Entropia Universe please contact us at the email below or go to our website at

Source : Gamasutra


Desert Island for Sale!

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The Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) is proud to present the first two of six private island estates.

The result of substantial land reclamation near to the coast of Sentosa, the first two estates have been constructed with a Desert theme. In due course, the ACA plans to introduce two Arctic islands and two Jungle islands.

Of the two released Desert islands, the first is currently for sale from the Arkoin Broker located at the IFN Supply Depot.

Price: 15,000,000 (fifteen million) Arkoins

The Arkoin Broker is selling a claim which can be redeemed with Community Manager Cyrus Chen for the actual land area deed. Therefore, the first colonist with 15,000,000 Arkoins to purchase the claim from the Arkoin Broker will be able to exchange this claim with Cyrus for the Land Area Deed.

Each island:

  • is located a short distance off-shore, not too far from a mainland Teleporter
  • has an approximate area of 2 square kilometres
  • includes an elegant residence complete with lounge, decking, lower floor bar, spiral staircase and panoramic views from upper floor viewing gallery. The residence comes with a Revival Point and an Estate Terminal, which can be used to claim the estate and set access to the residence.
  • All-in-one “LA Marker” that gives the estate owner access to two interfaces:
  • Land Area Settings – here the estate owner can set:
  • Hunting Tax
  • Mining Tax
  • Whether anyone, or only the owner, can create events on the Land Area
  • Whether or not PvP (Player Vs Player) mode is enabled on the Land Area
  • Whether or not SatNav is enabled on the Land Area
  • Creature Management – from here the estate owner can:
  • Utilise up to 6 (six) creature DNA slots to spawn creatures across the Land Area
  • Purchase Improvement Points by adding Fertilizer
  • Spend Improvement Points to control maturity of DNA spawns

A variety of estate upgrade options are available. Further information is located here.

Remember, whoever gets 15,000,000 Arkoins to the Arkoin Broker first, gets the deed!

Good luck!


GUNNAR Promotion!

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Arkadia Studios today announced a partnership with GUNNAR Optiks to create Virtual Gaming Eyewear.

Arkadia Studios and GUNNAR Optiks have joined forces to bring a real world piece of gaming equipment to life in the virtual world. A 3D version of GUNNAR’s Vayper Onyx will be available to colonists on Planet Arkadia from today, after the release of Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1. Additionally, colonists will be able to purchase a certificate for the real life version directly from the Arkoin Broker.

GUNNARs are high tech computer eyewear, designed to protect, enhance and optimise your vision. They use a number of specific technologies to reduce the stress on your eyes, including FRACTYL lens geometry, DIAMIX lens material, IONIK lens tints and iFi lens coatings.

The full press release can be read here.

Part of the recently announced Arkadia Sunrise era is about promoting Planet Arkadia globally. The GUNNAR promotion represents an opportunity to do so. As such, we have created which we encourage colonists to take a look at.

How to get virtual GUNNARs

Random hunting loots across the planet will drop a limited number of virtual GUNNARs glasses over approximately the next three months, in both Male and Female versions.

How to get real life GUNNARs

A limited number of certificates will be available to purchase from the Arkoin Broker with today’s patch (Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1). Each certificate needs to be validated with Cyrus | Arkadia either here at Planet Arkadia Forum or in-game, contacting the avatar “Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager”.

The specific real life item is the onyx coloured model detailed here.

Happy hunting!

Additional Information from GUNNAR Optiks

  • Increases CONTRAST for greater visual accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhances DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision
  • Helps REDUCE GLARE and improves focus
  • Improves visual ENDURANCE for extended gaming sessions
  • DECREASES eye FATIGUE and dry eyes

The Reality:
You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, tablet, or TV monitor. As the hours go by, you subject your eyes to the harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. This constant viewing of digital screens can create visual stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches — leading to an obvious conclusion.

Staring at a computer for long hours takes its toll on your eyes.
Add the standard 2-4+ hours a day gaming and your reality is complete and total visual burnout.

The Solution:
GUNNAR Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear is a technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance, and optimize your vision.
Whether you are gaming for long hours or working on the computer, GUNNAR eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress while improving contrast, comfort, and focus.
GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear also creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience for the avid gamer, improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery.

GUNNARS Are Prescription Compatible:
Our prescription lens program is supported and administered by Carl Zeiss Vision, the worldwide leader in precision optics for the last 160 years.

Planet Arkadia Triathlon Winners!

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Congratulations to the Arkadian triathletes who gave their all for this competition. Here are the winners!

1st Place
dutch fluske mooren (87 Points)
Chronicle Harness TEN Edition (F) + Armor Plating Mark. 10B (L) TEN Edition

2nd Place
Chuck CrazyBuck Buck (85 Points)
Chronicle Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition

3rd Place
Miguel Garco Gracio (76 Points)
Chronicle Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition

4th Place
Girts Smilgs Niedra (70 Points)
Chronicle Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

5th Place
Grimyth Salty qq (62 Points)
Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition

6th Place
efreet efreet efreet (60 Points)
Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

7th Place
Helene Helena Fra (24 Points)
Paladin Harness (F) TEN Edition

8th Place
Neil Greenleaf Stockton (20 Points)
Paladin Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition

9th Place
Snake Slither Hellfire (18 Points)
Paladin Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition

10th Place
Christer toad Johansson (17 Points)
Paladin Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

Congratulations to the above hard-working triathletes! But there were also five random winners of a Nano-Chip 3-Pack. Here they are!

Random 1: James MiniMe Bond (12 Points)

Random 2: Honey Kitten Little (2 Points)

Random 3: Vintage Yquem Port (14 Points)

Random 4: Leonarda Leona DaVinci (7 points)

Random 5: Azamat Azub Azumaar (2 Points)

If you haven’t won anything yet, don’t worry. There will be more TEN Edition events coming this year, each with different event formats, so do watch out for them!

Please note:

  • The top 10 winners will have their prizes spawned to their avatars by MA soon.
  • Random prize winners will need to private message Cyrus | Arkadia to set up a time to meet in-game to collect your prize.

Congratulations again to all participants. Triathlon has been good event experience for us all!

For more information about this competition, please see the original announcement here.