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Evolution of the 8 Coins Area: New Coins, Central Hub, and Estate Opportunities

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Evolution of the 8 Coins Area_forum.jpg

The recent introduction of two new coins, the 8 Coins Gold and 8 Coins Silver coins, in the 8 Coins area may have caught the attention of some of you.

This development coincides with the transformation of the 8 Coins HQ into the central hub of the entire 8 Coins area, along with the elimination of taxed land areas. The area has been revamped, featuring a spacious administrative building and a delightful park in its vicinity. Additionally, there are estates available for Arkadians to acquire, comprising 16 shop estates and 32 apartments in total.

To obtain one of these estates, you’ll need to collect 888 (eight hundred eighty-eight) pieces of Gold coins for a shop deed and 888 pieces of Silver coins for an apartment deed. These coins can be acquired by defeating unique 8 Coins creatures or through Treasure Hunting across the Arkadian territories.

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I collect the coins?
A: They are available in the 8 coins unique creatures as well as through Treasure Hunting SOOTOs all over the Arkadian territories.

Q: Can I find the 8 Coins coin through Treasure Hunting in the Underground and on the Moon?
A: Yes

Q: From which creatures can I loot 8 Coins Gold and Silver Coins?
A: Only from Scoria, Teladon.

Q: How many 8 Coins coins do I need?
A: You need to collect 888 (eight hundred eighty-eight) coins to be able to trade them for an estate.

Q: I have 888 in both Gold and Silver coins, can I trade them for an estate?
A: No, you must have 888 coins of one type to be able to trade them for an estate.

Q: Are the coins tradable?
A: Yes, you can sell and buy the coins either through P2P trades or through the auction.

Q: Can the coins be looted in PvP lootable zones?
A: Yes, so be careful

Q: What can I trade for the 8 Coins Gold?
A: Once you have 888 8 Coins Gold, you can trade them for a shop estate at the 8 Coins HQ area. First come, first served on which shop you prefer.

Q: What can I trade for the 8 Coins Silver?
A: Once you have 888 8 Coins Silver, you can trade them for an apartment estate at the 8 Coins HQ area. First come, first served on which apartment you prefer.

Q: Who do I contact once I have the required amount of coins?
A: Send Arkadia Estate Manager a PM in game.

Q: Where are the estates located that I can choose from?
A: The estates that are available to trade for these coins are located at the 8 Coins HQ,
/wp [Arkadia, 12210, 20784, 597, 8 Coins North Estates] /wp [Arkadia, 12147, 20401, 598, 8 Coins South Estates]


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Dear Valued Arkadians and Fellow Entropians,We hope this message finds you filled with excitement for the incredible journey that lies ahead. In February this year, we announced a new leadership team for Planet Arkadia, promising a world-class gaming experience filled with adventure, fun, and closer interaction with our wonderful community. Today,we’re thrilled to update you on our progress and share some exciting news.
Firstly, we would like to extend a warm welcome back to Mathias Gustavsson, who has returned as the CEO for Planet Arkadia. Mathias brings a wealth of experience and passion for our planet with over 10 years at both Planet Arkadia and MindArk, and under his leadership, we are certainly poised to reach new heights.
Joining Mathias, we have seniors Liviu, Mahesh, Adrian and the ever present Zephyrus, The A-Team, who have embarked on this journey with a shared commitment to elevate Planet Arkadia to unprecedented levels of excellence. Together, they form a dynamic team that is dedicated to delivering on our promises and making your Arkadian experience truly exceptional.

As the Treasure Hunting Planet of the Entropia Universe, Planet Arkadia has always been known for its vibrant and diverse community. We are proud to announce that we have maintained and enhanced the unique qualities that make our planet extraordinary. We have been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that you, our valued players, have an unforgettable adventure on Arkadia. In the coming months, you can expect a treasure trove of new and exciting events, missions, and updates that will keep you engaged and entertained.
And speaking of events, we hope Arkadians and fellow Entropians have been enjoying our summer Migration Event, “Wrath Unleashed – Roar of the 8 coins,” which runs until September 17th, 2023. There is still time to go crazy and seize the rewards that await!
But that’s not all, as we are thrilled to announce the upcoming “Return of the Arkadia Gold Rush 2023″ event. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting event, which promises to be an unforgettable experience for all. Keep your eyes peeled for updates and prepare for a bigger Gold Rush like no other!

Our plan for 2023 remains simple: Fun, Treasures, updates, and more fun!

“I am extremely excited to return to Planet Arkadia and lead the game further into a new era of adventure,” said Mathias, our CEO. “Our goal is to continue to provide players with the immersive and engaging experience created so far, and we are confident that the coming updates will delight players like never before. With the help of our incredible team, I believe we can achieve this goal and keep Planet Arkadia the premier destination for treasure hunters, crafters, and fun-seekers in the Entropia Universe.”

We want to express our sincere gratitude to our loyal players for your continued support. Your enthusiasm fuels our passion, and we are committed to delivering on our promises. We want to emphasize that we are just starting, and the best is yet to come!

Remember, the beloved Entropia Planet Arkadia is back, and together, we are shaping its future. Should you have any ideas, suggestions, or simply want to say hi, don’t hesitate to reach out to Arkadia Zephyrus, our dedicated Community Manager, we are listening. He’s there in-game and on the official Arkadia forums leading our communication efforts both in-game and through various online channels.
He is your direct link to the Arkadia team and has done an insane job since February. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey, and here’s to an even brighter future on Planet Arkadia!

About Planet Arkadia
Planet Arkadia is a virtual world located within the Entropia Universe. It is a treasure hunting planet where players can embark on exciting adventures and search for treasure, both alone and with friends. With a variety of challenging missions and treasure hunts, Planet Arkadia is the perfect place for players
looking for a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

About Entropia Universe
Entropia Universe is a massive multiplayer online virtual universe that offers players the opportunity to experience a unique and immersive virtual world filled with adventure, excitement, and the possibility for real-life rewards. With a growing community of players, Entropia Universe offers a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all ages and interests. For more information on Planet Arkadia, please visit

Contact Arkadia Zephyrus Community Manager about anything Arkadia related in-game and on the official Arkadia forum and Arkadia Discord.

Wrath Unleashed – Roar of the 8 coins

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Wrath Unleashed – Roar of the 8 coins

From 21 July to 17 September on 8 coins LA’s on Arkadia with 0% tax during the event.


In the vast expanse of the 8 Coins area on Planet Arkadia, a troubling situation unfolded.

Unbeknownst to the colonists, the notorious Smugglers of Arkadia had meddled with the delicate balance of nature, altering the behavior of two formidable creatures: the Scoria and the Teladon. These once-stoic beings had become monstrously aggressive, attacking anything that dared to move within their vicinity.

News of the escalating threat quickly spread throughout Arkadia, raising alarm and concern among the colonists. It was clear that urgent action was needed to prevent further chaos and safeguard the lives of both humans and native creatures. A call echoed across the planet, summoning brave souls from all walks of life to rally together and face this unprecedented challenge.

Colonists, hunters, and adventurers from far and wide answered the call, uniting under a common purpose. They formed a courageous task force, pledging to restore peace to the 8 Coins area and find a solution to the altered behavior of these once noble creatures. Armed with determination, weapons, and their unwavering spirit, they set forth to confront the enraged Scoria and Teladon.

Days turned into weeks as the brave colonists ventured deep into the heart of the affected region. Battles were fought with ferocious intensity, as the Scoria and Teladon unleashed their newfound aggression upon the valiant defenders. The colonists fought tooth and nail, employing their skills and expertise to subdue the raging creatures and protect one another.

Despite the hardships faced, the unity among the colonists remained unyielding. They established temporary camps, sharing resources and knowledge, strategizing and refining their approach. Scientists and researchers worked tirelessly, studying the altered creatures, seeking clues to reverse the effects inflicted upon them by the Smugglers.

Slowly but steadily, progress was made. Observations and data revealed the subtle changes the smugglers had implemented, offering glimpses of a possible antidote to restore the creatures’ original temperaments. Meanwhile, the colonists continued to defend the area, ensuring the safety of all who ventured nearby.

Word spread across Arkadia of the courageous efforts taking place in the 8 Coins area.

Inspired by the colonists’ resilience and determination, more individuals flocked to aid in the cause. Their combined strength and unwavering resolve created a beacon of hope, illuminating the path to a brighter future.


Enraged Scoria a creature of fiery origins,was once a formidable entity roaming the land. However, the sinister hand of the Smugglers of Arkadia has tampered with its behavior, transforming it into a raging force. Its once balanced temperament has been completely altered, fueling its relentless fury and untamed aggression.
The creature now possesses an insatiable appetite for destruction, unleashing its blazing wrath upon anyone who crosses its path. Beware the Enraged Scoria , for its altered state makes it an even deadlier threat, driven by an unquenchable rage that knows no bounds.


Good luck everyone and if anyone need any help i am always just a DM away either ingame or on Arkadia Discord. Join Arkadia Discord for updates and news in real time

Important Planet Arkadia Update

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Planet Arkadia, the Treasure Hunting Planet of Entropia Universe, is proud to announce a change in leadership as we embark on a new chapter in our history. Our new management team is committed to providing a world-class gaming experience, filled with excitement and adventure, and above all great communication and interaction with our players.

As the premier destination for treasure hunters and adventurers in Entropia Universe, Planet Arkadia is home to a diverse and vibrant community. Starting immediately, we are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the unique characteristics that make our Planet Arkadia so special, while also players can expect to see a variety of new and exciting events, missions, and updates to discover in the coming months. The team is dedicated to providing the best
possible gaming experience, with new and exciting challenges to keep players coming back for more.

The Plan for 2023 is simple, Fun, Treasures, updates, and more fun!!

Arkadia Zephyrus Community Manager, a passionate Arkadian leading the new in-game management team, will head the communication efforts both in-game and the various online channels.

In addition, the dev team is led by Liviu and Mahesh, two experienced and long-serving ‘A-Team’ Arkadian developers with a passion for creating immersive and engaging virtual environments. With their combined experience and passion, they are committed to bringing new and exciting content to Planet Arkadia and making it the best planet for all players in the Entropia Universe.

“We are extremely excited to be leading Planet Arkadia into a new era of adventure,” said Arkadia Zephyrus Community Manager. “Our goal is to provide players with an immersive and engaging experience and we are confident that the changes being made to Planet Arkadia in the months ahead will delight players and provide them with an experience like never before. I can’t wait to engage with everyone on Planet Arkadia, where adventure awaits and treasure is just a discovery away. With the help of Liviu, Mahesh, and our teams, we believe we can achieve this goal and make Planet Arkadia the premier destination for treasure hunters, crafters, and fun seekers in the Entropia Universe.”

The beloved Entropia planet is back and we would like to say thank our loyal players for their continued support. So stay tuned as we make further announcements while we get to work making Planet Arkadia the greatest destination for treasure hunters and adventurers in Entropia Universe.

About Planet Arkadia
Planet Arkadia is a virtual world located within the Entropia Universe. It is a treasure-hunting planet where players can embark on exciting adventures and search for treasure, both alone and with friends. With a variety of challenging missions and treasure hunts, Planet Arkadia is the perfect place for players looking for a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

About Entropia Universe
Entropia Universe is a massively multiplayer online virtual universe that offers players the opportunity to experience a unique and immersive virtual world filled with adventure, excitement, and the possibility of real-life rewards. With a growing community of players, Entropia Universe offers a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all ages and interests.

For more information on Planet Arkadia, please visit

Contact: Arkadia Zephyrus Community Manager about anything Arkadia related, if you want to make a player-made event, have ideas or suggestions,s or want to say Hi… you can find him in-game and on the official Arkadia forums.


Arkadia Moon Deed – Update #2

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Hi Everyone

We would like to give you an update on the Arkadia Moon including the deeds that are left over.

Deed Status

We have been informed by Mindark that there are just a little less than 10 000 deeds left for sale on the Entropia Universe Web Shop.

Once all these have been sold, we will submit a small patch after our announcement to make all deeds tradable between players.

To purchase Arkadia Moon deeds with Limited Edition Cyborg Suit – Click here

Future Content Update

More content is being added to Arkadia Moon including new player missions that will take you on an adventure of finding out the story behind PTECH and what terra-forming took place including the displacement of local wildlife.

There will also be a new instance implemented where your adventure into a maze of possibilities, but don’t get lost because you are NOT alone and something is creeping in the shadows looking for you.

Lastly, we have a collection of new missions coming to the moon that will surround mining, hunting, and crafting specifically surrounding Arkadia Moon, but this will be disconnected from the normal codex missions that will be introduced into Planet Arkadia in a future update.

These missions will include many subsurface quests where you get to decide what to do next and every decision you make, will affect the outcome of the result changing what you will do next.

We advise you to read and choose EXTREMELY carefully (once this content is released) because there is no turning back.

We will update you more about what content is in a future post.

RSS Feed Arkadia Moon Deeds – Limited Edition Cyborg Suit

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Arkadia Moon Deeds – Limited Edition Cyborg Suit

A new series of Arkadia Moon Deed packs are now available. The brand-new 50-pack features a Limited Edition Cyborg Suit of unprecedented style that will make any avatar stand out in the crowd.

The new Moon Deed packs also feature Hacking Devices that can be used on Arkadia Moon to circumvent security terminals installed by PTECH industries.

The Moon Deed packs, available for a limited time only, are sold as;

  • Arkadia Moon 5 Deed pack – 3 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 10 Deed pack – 6 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 20 Deed pack – 15 Hacking Devices
  • Arkadia Moon 50 Deed pack – 1 Cyborg Suit + 25 Hacking Devices

All the new Moon Deed packs including the 50-pack Limited Edition is available in the Entropia Universe Webshop right now!
Hacking Device
Hacking devices have been created by the underground movement called The Smugglers to break through the security that was put into place by the PTECH industries.

These devices deactivate all surrounding turrets and lower the security of whatever network it is inserted into.
These devices are currently used to override PTECH security installations on the Arkadia Moon.

S0ph13 Pet – Sale ends Sunday 29/03/2020

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The 50 x Arkadia Moon Deed package featuring a Limited Edition robot assistant pet named S0ph13 will come to an end this Sunday 29/03/2020 at 23:59 UTC.

The Robot Assistant Pet features both a Pet Focus buff of 15% and a 32m Auto Loot buff and is spawnable from level zero on all planets in Entropia Universe.

Be sure to grab one of these special pets by obtaining a 50-pack of Arkadia Moon Deeds before Sunday.

Visit Entropia Universe Web Shop

Arkadia Moon Deed

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Hi Everyone,

The moon has seen a great amount of activity since the rise of the smuggler’s main headquarters located in a secure yet hidden location. With the next update looming around the corner we are giving a few updates on the progress of the moon.

Firstly, as requested by many players, there is around 18% of the deeds left for purchase from the web store. Some players have really gone above and beyond to get their hands on a small stack of them and we thank you.

If you haven’t purchased any deeds yet or wish to purchase more – Click Here

Content (Current and Future)

Now as explained beforehand, PTECH has a presence on the moon and since Planet Arkadia is a treasure-hunting planet, we have hidden quite a few easter eggs around the planet. We found that we have hidden them a bit too well for players to find so we are going to make it a bit easy next update and move them to locations that players can find with ease. We will later increase the difficulty of finding them as more updates come in the future. There will be a collection of PTECH Missions coming in the next update that will enable you to start collaborating with them on their expedition to discover the hidden mysteries of the Arkadia Moon but I must warn you, dangers linger around each and every corner so choose your side carefully.

Now the smugglers have also shown a great interest in the moon, much like the time when they were in the Underground shutting down the Sal’deresh Instances to loot their Arkoins and hidden treasures. I would recommend that you start investigating what they are in mind (Also an Easter Egg) but be warned that once you hold the key to their plans, you will know without a fraction of a doubt what is to come and might regret what you will have to do.

IFN, we haven’t forgotten about you, your time to shine will be sooner than expected.

The Arkadia Moon is key to old history, it has secrets hidden all over to explain what really happened in the past but then again, all you have to do is but look up to the heavens and ask yourself, what is that in the distance?

Planet Arkadia Update – Release 16.1.

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Hey everyone,

We have focused content surrounding the moon, and we have introduced quite a few extra hunting missions including a small expansion pack to the smuggler storyline.
The most important of them all is that We have activated a direct TP from the Moon to Arkadia for the price of 7PED.
Now let me give a breakdown of the content being released in this update.


New Level 4 & 5 Iron Missions


  • Oompa Warhounds
  • GMC_03_Gammas
  • Oompas
  • Sicarius Brutes
  • Sicarius Commands
  • Sicarius Workers

Please also note that spawns have changed a bit. Happy hunting…

There is new story-driven content for Smugglers and for PTECH Industries. Keep in mind these are hidden, so you will have to look for them, but the reward is worth it. This is only part 1 of 4, so many more missions are coming in the next update.

Smuggler Missions

The smugglers have now opened one of their HQs to members who joined their ranks and proved themselves. You will be required to discover an agent that is watching the movements of the cities but is hidden somewhere on the moon. They will tell you what you need to do to get your access pass to enter HQ. Keeping in mind that this HQ is well hidden, only those who are worthy will be able to enter.

Once you gain access to the smugglers, you will be able to see the start of a completely new storyline that will hint at what they have been up to and require you to obtain a certain series of items to be able to get the Smuggler Hazmat suit. This suit will be required for a deep undercover mission. Discover it and find out what lays ahead. There might be a backpack hidden in there somewhere, but it depends… if you answer correctly… Ned will be watching.

Civilian Missions

The communications on the moon have had some serious issues of tampering and weathering. PTECH needs your help in repairing the connection and discovering the issues. You will be required to report to the PTECH engineer located at the communication center in assisting them in discovering what might be the problem.

PTECH will also require you to assist in helping with the repairs of the extractors but be warned, it might be a bit radio active but hey, nobody complains about extra body parts right?

There are a good collection of rewards to be obtained when you complete the missions.

  • Hunting Mission Rewards – Skill rewards are to be discovered
  • Smuggler Rewards / Possible location
  • Something hidden, happy hunting…

Oratan Attacks are back
Intel has shown that the Oratan have started to move around the bases and plan attacks that will happen randomly, so be prepared, their attacks are as savage as their nature

ALERT – Smugglers have moved from the Underground to the Moon.

Arkoin Auction – (Arkadia Underground Booth) #0002

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Start your own business with this shopping booth located at the entrance of the Underground (Next to the Underground TP and close to the terminals).

Consisting of 20 Item points and the ability to show and sell items to colonists passing by, now is the time to start your own business in the community.

The contents of auction #0002 will include

– 1x Estate Deed to Underground Booth #3

Starting Bid – 1 Arkoin
Yup, that is 1 Arkoin…​

Bidding Rules

  • Bids will only be accepted in Arkoins.
  • Minimum bid increment 1000 Arkoins.
  • Any items other than Arkoins (eg PED) will be deemed invalid. 



    For the item being auctioned:

    • There will be no buyout bid amount
    • For the first four (4) weeks, the auction will remain open.
    • After the first four weeks, the auction will then end when a bid remains the top bid for a period of 48 hrs
    • Such a 48 hr period will be taken to have begun no earlier than four (4) weeks after the auction thread is published
    • The winner is required to contact Dylan | Arkadia to arrange for trade or collection of auctioned items said item will be delivered at five (5) percent (%) tt value, within one week of the end of the auction.
    • If the winner of the auction fails to collect their award within the aforementioned one week of the end of the auction, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder.
  • The potential issue has been raised that somebody could bid a million bajillion Arkoins that they don’t have, with the plan of winning the auction, not claiming their prize, and having the prize go to their friend, the second bidder with a very small bid.
    • This is a great point, and we appreciate it having been raised.
    • Arkadia Studios will at its discretion check that interesting bids are backed by an actual Arkoin balance.
    • Arkadia Studios will announce a bid to be invalid on such grounds if deemed necessary.
    • Please note, “million bajillions” is not a real number, though legitimate attempts to bid this high are of course encouraged.
    • Bidders must have the Arkoins in their possession as spot checks will be made by Arkadia Studios/Mindark
  • To avoid potential confusion, all bidders must ensure that their full in-game avatar name is visible by stating it in the actual bid post with the amount of Arkoins that they are bidding with.