Blueprint Bonanza!

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Chiharo held the ASI-50 in her hand. Good weight and well balanced. Excellent sighting. Zeroed at a range superior to most other pistols available. She took aim and squeezed the trigger five times in quick succession. Five targets exploded in a hail of fragments, completely ceasing to exist. The representative’s mouth hung open in stunned surprise.

“Excellent,” Chiharo said softly. “This is the best BLP pistol I’ve used so far. Service and supply on this line of weapons?”

“Full initial kit out of the task force to Arkadia, plus blueprints and exclusive replication rights for the IFN or its delegates.”

This time, there was no doubting the smile on Chiharo’s face.

“The Admiral’s office will have my report by this evening.”

- Originally published in Entropia Times magazine, March 2011 edition, p 50


Commodore Toán Harvir played again the security footage from the IFN Weapons Range. It had been recorded on the 2nd October 3007, the day Captain Chiharo had settled for the Herman ASI-50 (L).

Blueprints and exclusive replication rights for the IFN or its delegates.

That’s how it was meant to work.

It was the same as what had been arranged with all the other suppliers at Lorika Tek, PTech, Herman Industries, MAKO and the IFN’s own Gyro FAP team.

What hadn’t been addressed was the rate at which the blueprints would become available in normal manufacturing to the colonists. Harvir knew the blueprints of this specific equipment needed to come up a much higher percentage of the time, at least for the short term.

He didn’t know how long it would take for things to start running smoothly, but the situation could do with a boost.

It was time to make a few calls.

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