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Alienware ™ Pied Piper Event

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All items are kindly sponsored by Alienware™
For more information on Alienware™ products, please visit: or

Starting 25th October (after the Planet Arkadia 2011.7 Update)

30 Alienware TactX™ mouse will be let loose on Planet Arkadia.


Participate in hunting and mining activities and you’re in the running to loot these mice!
Unleash the Pied Piper in you and catch them fast!
Alienware™ Certificateif you’ve got one in your loot window, it means you’ve won yourself an Alienware TactX™ mouse!

Procedure to claim your prizes:
Step 1
Please send a private message to me, Cyrus, if you have looted an Alienware™ Certificate with these details:
(a) Avatar name:
(b) Real life name:
(c) Address:
(d) Telephone number:

Step 2
Meet me in-game and pass me the Alienware™ Certificate. Details given in Step 1 will be verified.

Step 3
Once details have been verified, the items will be sent as soon as we can.

Pls note:
– Participants can choose to sell the
Alienware™ certificates in-game
– Certificates must be passed and verified by Cyrus before 31st March 2012.

Blueprint Bonanza!

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Chiharo held the ASI-50 in her hand. Good weight and well balanced. Excellent sighting. Zeroed at a range superior to most other pistols available. She took aim and squeezed the trigger five times in quick succession. Five targets exploded in a hail of fragments, completely ceasing to exist. The representative’s mouth hung open in stunned surprise.

“Excellent,” Chiharo said softly. “This is the best BLP pistol I’ve used so far. Service and supply on this line of weapons?”

“Full initial kit out of the task force to Arkadia, plus blueprints and exclusive replication rights for the IFN or its delegates.”

This time, there was no doubting the smile on Chiharo’s face.

“The Admiral’s office will have my report by this evening.”

- Originally published in Entropia Times magazine, March 2011 edition, p 50


Commodore Toán Harvir played again the security footage from the IFN Weapons Range. It had been recorded on the 2nd October 3007, the day Captain Chiharo had settled for the Herman ASI-50 (L).

Blueprints and exclusive replication rights for the IFN or its delegates.

That’s how it was meant to work.

It was the same as what had been arranged with all the other suppliers at Lorika Tek, PTech, Herman Industries, MAKO and the IFN’s own Gyro FAP team.

What hadn’t been addressed was the rate at which the blueprints would become available in normal manufacturing to the colonists. Harvir knew the blueprints of this specific equipment needed to come up a much higher percentage of the time, at least for the short term.

He didn’t know how long it would take for things to start running smoothly, but the situation could do with a boost.

It was time to make a few calls.

Click here for full event details!

The New Player Experience

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Planet Arkadia has implemented a number of initiatives to lessen the steep learning curve for new players. If you have just joined us, you should check them out!

Beginner’s Guide

Backstory of Arkadia

Arkadia Advisers

Celeste Quarry

Event: Scavenger Hunt

Attention Arkadian Colonists:


The IFN has received reports of the sudden appearance of several Oratan camps in remote areas of the continent of Sentosa. According to Commodore Toan Harvir, “This sudden desire by the enemy to occupy territory marks the first change in strategy that we have seen”. More insight into the situation can be found in story instalment 4.1.


At the request of the IFN, PTech has made major overhauls to its resource detection software. Miners can now expect a completely different distribution and availability of resources across the entire continent of Sentosa.

The PTech upgrades, made with the knowledge gained from the first months of Arkadian mining, are part of the IFN’s aim to ensure Arkadia is able to sustain itself without the need of Imperial Federal aid. In accordance with this policy, the IFN has directed Arkadia’s technology suppliers to reconfigure their product blueprints to more effectively utilise locally available resources.


Under direction from the IFN, the Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA) has been active in recruiting Arkadia Advisers, as part of its drive to welcome new colonists and help them through the early stages of life on their new home planet. To make these personnel easier to find, at places such as the new Celeste Quarry area, the ACA will be presenting the Arkadia Advisers with a special high-visibility vest.

The ACA has recently completed construction of a new roadway from Celeste Harbour to Celeste Quarry as well as some additional infrastructure upgrades to the Quarry itself. During the final stages of construction, the ACA reported the sudden appearance of a previously unknown flightless bird, which has been named “Ostelok”, near the Quarry.

Scientists are currently puzzling over the reason for this, and the fact that it seems to have coincided with reported sightings of another bird species spreading further up the east coast. Classified as “Feran”, this flight capable creature has been sighted to the north near Ocean Lookout and Taipan Digsite.

The two species don’t seem to be related but several in the scientific groups are querying whether it is a coincidence that they have appeared at the same time as the Oratan Camps were discovered…


An arriving equipment supply ship carrying Trade Terminal supplies was recently attacked over the Celeste Harbour area, and its cargo has been scattered across the landscape. For more information, please read the Scavenger Hunt event thread at Planet Arkadia Forum, as well as instalment 4.1 of the story!


Arkadia Studios advises some further updates to colonist software:

  • Refined Ore, Energy Matter and Animal Leathers now weigh less.
  • Several pieces of vegetation have updated textures
  • All terrain types have had a texture overhaul



  • New creature: Feran, along east coast, Ocean Lookout and Taipan Digsite
  • New creature: Ostelok, near Celeste Quarry
  • Several Oratan Camps sighted. IFN investigating
  • Blueprints revised to use only resources that can be found on Arkadia
  • Planet-wide changes to resource distribution and availability
  • Arkadia Advisers now have high-visibility vests
  • Road has been constructed from Celeste Harbour to Celeste Quarry
  • Celeste Quarry has been upgraded
  • Refined Ore, Energy Matter and Animal Leathers now weigh less
  • Several pieces of vegetation have updated textures
  • All terrain types have had a texture overhaul
  • Improved run animations for Kiana, Kadra and Korwil

Issues Fixed

Minor improvements to sounds.
Bridge Support Pillars now show their complete length on lower graphics settingS

Known Issues

  • Weapon sounds can vary from shot to shot on some weapons.
  • Archaeological society does not like people sitting on some of their chairs and sofas.
  • Limited Blueprint Book cannot be coloured or textured.
  • Some types of eyewear can appear outside or on top of the Armour Helmet.
  • Skin from some face/head shapes can be seen when wearing Armour Helmet.
  • Televators in buildings may link to the building next door in rare cases.
  • Feran are afraid of getting too close to the ground.

Resurgence of the Oratan

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Report: Resurgence of the Oratan



The Archaeological Society needs your assistance to locate five of its missing interns.

Dr. Sundari Zhen is offering a reward of a Herman ASI-20 (L), a Herman ARK-20 (L), a Herman LAW-202 (L), a MAKO FAL-2 (L) and a Gyro FAP-6 (L) for each intern found.
“Reports have been received that the Oratan are regrouping in large numbers, fast.
If you spot an Oratan, shoot on sight. Do not back down. I repeat, do not back down!
The revival system has been set up so there’s no stopping us now.

It’s payback time!”

– Lieutenant Chan

The Lost Interns

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Event Has Ended

All 5 missing Archaeology Interns have been found. Dr. Sundari Zhen says a big Thank You to the following colonists for helping to find them.

Congratulations to:
Endy for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #1
Ifuri for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #2
Ceral Avarice Altruaer for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #3
Symulakron for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #4
FF Jin Franka for finding Missing ArchSoc Intern #5

You will need to meet up with me in-game to claim your prizes. Please pm me for the details.

Thank You!


__________________________________________________ __

5 interns from the Archaeological Society have gone missing since the Oratan first attacked. We suspect they’re hiding from the Oratan and may be difficult to find. Dr. Sundari Zhen is offering rewards to anyone who manages to locate each of her interns.


You should talk to Dr. Sundari Zhen at the Archaeology Society Headquarters (located at Celeste Harbour) to get started on this mission.

Event Rules:
(I) Event starts immediately at launch of Planet Arkadia and ends when all 5 missing interns have been found.

(II) If you’ve determined that you have found an intern, please take a screenshot and post on this thread.

Screenshot must include:
(a) Timestamp (Press “U” on your keyboard for timestamps to appear on chat)

(b) Co-ordinates (Press “P” on your keyboard for co-ordinates on chat). Co-ordinates are needed to verify that the screenshot is taken where the discovered intern is.

(c) Missing intern must be visible in your screenshot.

(d) Your in-game name must be visible on the user-interface so please do not hide it when you take the screenshot.


Screenshot Example

(III) You can discover and post screenshots of different interns.

(IV) You must register on Arkadia Forum ( to take part in the competition.

(V) You cannot post on behalf of other another player – they must register and post themselves.


How to win:
- First post here with eligible screenshot of each missing intern wins the prize.

- 5 sets of rewards to be given away, one per intern.

- The winner will be announced on the forum and notified via PM.

Who can enter:
Anyone may enter except:
(A) Staff and family members of all Entropia Universe Planet Partners
(B) Staff and family members of MindArk PE AB and EUSO

*Final call on Eligibility will be decided by Arkadia Studios.


First post with screenshot of each missing intern wins a set of the following items:

Herman ASI – 20 (L)
Herman ARK – 20 (L)

Herman LAW – 202 (L)

MAKO FAL – 2 (L)

Gyro FAP – 6 (L)

Rewards will be given out once all 5 interns have been found.

Launch Date

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Planet Arkadia has officially launched!

 Begin your adventure by signing up here!

While waiting for Planet Arkadia to be downloaded, why not take the time to read the back story? You can do so by clicking here.

Alienware gear to be looted

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You’ll stand a chance to loot Alienware™ gear when Planet Arkadia launches.

All items are kindly sponsored by Alienware™

All Alienware™ gear have been looted. Thank you for your participation in the event.

Alienware TactX™ Headset #1
Alienware TactX™ Headset #2
Alienware TactX™ Headset #3
Alienware TactX™ Headset #4
Alienware TactX™ Headset #5

Alienware TactX™ Mouse #1
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #2
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #3
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #4
Alienware TactX™ Mouse #5

Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #1
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #2
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #3
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #4
Alienware TactX™ Keyboard #5

Alienware M11x Laptop #1
Alienware M11x Laptop #2

Items still to be looted
0 X Alienware M11x Laptops
0 X Alienware TactX Keyboards
0 X Alienware TactX Headsets
0 X Alienware TactX Mice

For more information on Alienware™ products, please visit: or

Please send a private message to me, Cyrus, if you have looted an Alienware Certificate. I will inform you the steps you have to follow for the item to be sent to your address.

Curb the Oratan Food Supply

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Leaderboard now available!

Date: 1st September 3008Dear Arkadians,


On August 9th, the IFN began discussing reports of a variety of disturbing changes on the continent of Sentosa. Two new creatures, the Feran and the Ostelok, suddenly appeared in healthy numbers on the eastern side of the continent, and multiple Oratan camps were suddenly noticed in a variety of locations.

It is the appearance of these camps which concerns me the most. I believe they represent a threat, and the first real change in Oratan strategy that the IFN has seen to date.


Thus far, no significant force of Oratan has revealed itself from the camps, however I remain concerned that they may be somehow aiding the vast populations of Oratan that we already share Arkadia with. It is still uncertain as to whether or not their numbers are indeed “unlimited” as the ancient Arkadians warned us in The Signal, and I am very wary that we have been surprised by the Oratan before.

Our scientific community has made a small amount of progress in studying the two creatures to appear recently, establishing that the Feran is not a bird, but most likely a mammal. This unfortunately does not appear to be leading us any closer to solving the mysteries at hand.


I have decided, with full support from my scientists, to test whether we can have an indirect influence on the numbers of Oratan by affecting their food supply. We’re not sure exactly what that food supply is, but we need to find out if we are to make any headway against the Oratan. That’s why we’re going to cast a wide net.

Colonists, we need your help to cull the booming native populations of all creatures that have been discovered on Arkadia.

We have therefore created a new hunting competition with some very impressive prizes.


The IFN is offering a variety of Unlimited Smuggler equipment that was recently confiscated from Sanctuary Cove.

In addition to these Smuggler weapons, full value suits of Limited armour from Lorika Tek will be available as prizes.

The competition will last for approximately six weeks. More specific details are included below.

Thank you for your attention, and for your ongoing service to the future of Arkadia!

Commodore Toán Harvir
Imperial Federal Navy

MISSION: CURB THE ORATAN FOOD SUPPLY ( 3rd Sep to 16th of October)

Please Note

  • The Leaderboards for this competition can be found at the forum homepage (ie when you click “Home” at the top of the page) here.
  • Unlimited prizes will be awarded with a TT value of 1.00 PED, and will therefore need to be repaired to at least 50% of their maximum TT value to be operational. Full stats of the Unlimited prizes including maximum TT values are detailed here.
  • Limited prizes (that is, the armour suits), will be awarded at full TT value.
  • Prizes will be awarded in six different categories, to reward colonists for a variety of hunting difficulty levels.
  • The THREE Main Prizes in each category are awarded to those who global the most often. A hunter with 10 separate globals will rank higher for Main Prizes than a hunter with 9 separate globals, regardless of total loot value.
  • The ONE Bonus Prize in each category will be awarded to the hunter with the highest value single global loot.

CATEGORY 1Ostelok and Halix

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman CAP-202 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman CAP-101 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-2 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Corvus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 2Feran and Oro

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman ASI-20 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman ASI-10 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-2 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Canis Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 3Bokol and Hadraada

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) MANTA K-5 Smuggler (UL)
(2) MANTA K-3 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Lupus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 4Oweko and Kiana

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) MAKO FAL-5 Smuggler (UL)
(2) MAKO FAL-3 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Hydra Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 5Yuka and Huon

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman ARK-40 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman ARK-30 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-30 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Cetus Armour Suit (L)

CATEGORY 6Korwil and Teladon

Main Prizes – Top 3 number of globals
(1) Herman LAW-505 Smuggler (UL)
(2) Herman LAW-404 Smuggler (UL)
(3) Gyro FAP-30 Smuggler (UL)

Bonus Prize – Highest value single global
Pegasus Armour Suit (L)



  • Event will run for 6 weeks starting from 3rd September (0000) and ending on 16th October (2400) MA time.
  • A “global” is any loot registering a value higher than 50 PED, including HOF (Hall of Fame) and ATH (All Time High).
  • EntropiaTracker ( will be used to track and decide upon the winners. Arkadia Studios will be committing 3 computers, running the tracker client to ensure all globals are tracked. We encourage everyone to run the EntropiaTracker software to assist in ensuring accuracy of data. If you have any concerns about tracker not recording a global, please contact Starfinder with a valid screenshot of the global.
  • Colonists may compete in as many categories as they wish, however each colonist is only eligible to win one Main Prize, i.e Smuggler items.
  • A single colonist can win multiple Bonus Prizes.
  • It is possible, for example, for a single colonist to win one Main Prize and three Bonus Prizes.
  • If a colonist qualifies for more than one Main Prize, they will be deemed to have won in the higher Category(ies), leaving the lower Category’s(ies’) Main Prize pool(s) open for other colonists.
  • Each Category has a set of 2 mobs (creatures). Each global on either of the mobs in a Category will earn a point. You can choose to hunt both mobs or concentrate on one mob in each category.
  • In the event that there is a tie for any of the prizes, the first player to have achieved the points in that category placing will win the prize, and the other will take the next prize, if any. For example, if two players each achieve 20 globals in their category, and this is the higest result so they appear to have tied for first place. The first player to have reached 20 globals wins first prize, and the other player wins second prize.
  • Final call on prize winners will be decided by Arkadia Studios.
  • Top 3 Prizes for each category will be ready for collection from Cyrus right after the event. Bonus prizes will be given one week later, after gender of the avatars have been confirmed.
  • Arkadia Studios takes a strong stand against foul play. Anyone found trying or caught cheating will be given a direct ban both on the forum and in-game for life.