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Planet Arkadia Update 2013.3 (5th November 2013)

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The following are changes that come with Planet Arkadia Update 2013.3. This information is provided to the extent that the IFN and ACA are at liberty to discuss at this time. Log in today and check things out for yourself, to discover how the changes affect you!


Mutated Mobs will no longer spawn in the wild

  • The IFN Science Division, with help from volunteer colonists and squads from the IFN Commandos have managed to successfully cull the recent spate of Mutated Mobs. As a consequence, Mutated Mobs will now only be available with the spawning of Mutated DNA on one of the private Land Areas.

New IFN Base

  • In support of current and future operations, the IFN Engineering Corps have established a new regional IFN base near the site of the old Valiant Firebase. This replaces the previous Firebase, and so the existing Valiant Firebase TP has been moved accordingly.
  • Major upgrades to both the base structure as well as colony support facilities have been made, along with ample landing facilities. All colonists are advised to make themselves familiar with the new base in case of emergency.

Oil Rig Operational!

  • The IFN Engineering Corps have finally managed to get the Arkadian Oil Rig working. It is now operational and pumping out a steady supply.

New Land Areas Available!

  • ACA surveyors have finished their planning and land allocation fieldwork. As a result, the remaining deeds for Land Area ownership have been made available and are currently held by the Arkoin Broker at the IFN Supply Depot. If you want to own your own private piece of Arkadia, now you have your chance!

Viceroy Armour

  • Bill has altered the patterning of his customised and highly sought after Viceroy Armour. From now on, he will no longer be providing the special “SkullCandy” edition to people that speak to him after today. Instead, he will be offering standard Viceroy; it has the same stats, just not the blue skull on the shoulder plate.
  • If you have already spoken to him regarding getting a set of the SkullCandy version, he has agreed to supply it to those people that still have the mission active.
  • Bill has further agreed to accept unwanted sets of the Skullcandy version in trade for its TT value (full set only).
  • In addition, you may trade in either the full set or separate pieces of the standard Viceroy in exchange for its TT value. After doing so, you may once again take Bills mission in order to get a new set or new individual pieces if you wish to search for better tiering rates.

Mining Missions

  • The ACA and IFN have organised a number of Mining missions in order to issue some challenge to the illustrious Miners of Arkadia.
  • To begin with, a variety of Ores and Treasures have been initialised.
  • Subsequent updates will add further Ores/Treasures/Enmatters.
  • These missions will be available from the Quarry Managers Office.

New Wave Spawns

  • Five (5) new wave spawns have been detected in and around the Celeste area. These spawns seem particularly suited to our less experienced colonists and as such may be utilised for lower level training and skilling. However, even low level creatures can be a handful in large numbers, so watch your back and carry plenty of ammunition!
  • The locations of the Wave Spawns have been added to your map.

Smuggler Activity increase

  • The IFN have expressed concern at rising levels of Smuggler activity. Items were recently stolen from an IFN storage and investigations are underway. The IFN reminds all colonists that the Smugglers are dangerous and are to be considered a threat to the stability of the colony.

Additional Information

Bug Fixes

  • The development team have bought a fresh can of bug spray, a new swatter and a rolled-up newspaper. As a consequence, several annoying bugs have been fixed. Among these was the bug affecting the correct display of Riptor Leather Texture.

Known Issues

  • Some armours still have a glitch causing the right eye to melt and droop down to the ground. We are hopeful of a resolution to this issue soon.
  • The new Valiant Firebase has some graphical issues with how it loads. A number of changes and improvements have already been made with the upcoming mini-patch due Tuesday next week (12th November).
  • Some armour parts and shops are experiencing item visibility issues.

GUNNAR Promotion!

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Arkadia Studios today announced a partnership with GUNNAR Optiks to create Virtual Gaming Eyewear.

Arkadia Studios and GUNNAR Optiks have joined forces to bring a real world piece of gaming equipment to life in the virtual world. A 3D version of GUNNAR’s Vayper Onyx will be available to colonists on Planet Arkadia from today, after the release of Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1. Additionally, colonists will be able to purchase a certificate for the real life version directly from the Arkoin Broker.

GUNNARs are high tech computer eyewear, designed to protect, enhance and optimise your vision. They use a number of specific technologies to reduce the stress on your eyes, including FRACTYL lens geometry, DIAMIX lens material, IONIK lens tints and iFi lens coatings.

The full press release can be read here.

Part of the recently announced Arkadia Sunrise era is about promoting Planet Arkadia globally. The GUNNAR promotion represents an opportunity to do so. As such, we have created which we encourage colonists to take a look at.

How to get virtual GUNNARs

Random hunting loots across the planet will drop a limited number of virtual GUNNARs glasses over approximately the next three months, in both Male and Female versions.

How to get real life GUNNARs

A limited number of certificates will be available to purchase from the Arkoin Broker with today’s patch (Planet Arkadia Update 2013.1.1). Each certificate needs to be validated with Cyrus | Arkadia either here at Planet Arkadia Forum or in-game, contacting the avatar “Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager”.

The specific real life item is the onyx coloured model detailed here.

Happy hunting!

Additional Information from GUNNAR Optiks

  • Increases CONTRAST for greater visual accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhances DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision
  • Helps REDUCE GLARE and improves focus
  • Improves visual ENDURANCE for extended gaming sessions
  • DECREASES eye FATIGUE and dry eyes

The Reality:
You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, tablet, or TV monitor. As the hours go by, you subject your eyes to the harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. This constant viewing of digital screens can create visual stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches — leading to an obvious conclusion.

Staring at a computer for long hours takes its toll on your eyes.
Add the standard 2-4+ hours a day gaming and your reality is complete and total visual burnout.

The Solution:
GUNNAR Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear is a technical eyewear solution that helps protect, enhance, and optimize your vision.
Whether you are gaming for long hours or working on the computer, GUNNAR eyewear helps minimize eye fatigue and visual stress while improving contrast, comfort, and focus.
GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear also creates a more comfortable and rich visual experience for the avid gamer, improving visual efficiency, endurance, and recovery.

GUNNARS Are Prescription Compatible:
Our prescription lens program is supported and administered by Carl Zeiss Vision, the worldwide leader in precision optics for the last 160 years.

Arkadian Sunrise

Arkadian Sunrise. The Dawn of a New Era.

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Arkadian Sunrise

As the the new era of Arkadian Sunrise begins, a number of changes have been implemented in today’s patch.


  • Further clothing optimisations have been made, and continue to be made.
  • Inventory icons for ACA-AS Civilian Uniform Cap range and IFN Combat Uniform Cap range are now visible.
  • Ark Urban clothing set has been redesigned and optimised and continues to be available from the Arkoin Broker.
  • As per the promotion detailed here, certificates for real life GUNNAR gaming eyewear can now be purchased from the Arkoin Broker, to be shipped to your address.
  • As per the promotion detailed here, virtual GUNNAR gaming eyewear can now be looted.
  • The sliding doors on the residence at Arkadia Land Area 1 now function correctly.
  • Carabok have returned to the Firebase Academies.

Known Issues

  • The icon for Riptor Leather Texture is showing as white.
Arkadian Sunrise

Arkadian Sunrise. The Dawn of a New Era.

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Arkadian Sunrise

In the most important version update since the launch of the game, Planet Arkadia today implements a number of long-awaited systems which will have a significant impact on the Arkadian experience. For this reason, today, 13/03/13, marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Planet Arkadia.

Accordingly, Arkadia Studios will now begin execution of the largest-scale marketing plan Entropia Universe has ever seen.

A new era has dawned. Arkadia is ready. Are you?

A brief snapshot of the in-game highlights of Arkadian Sunrise:

  • Mining Amps!
  • Arkoin Brokers!
  • Desert Island Land Area for sale!
  • DNA!
  • Golden Instance Live!
  • Global Ad system!
  • Event areas incl PvP!
  • New Herman Weapons!

…and much more!!!


  • Mining Amps – three new “Athena” Terra Amps are now available as follows:
    • Terra Amp I ‘Athena’ (L)
      • Max TT Value: 64 PED
      • Minimum skill requirement: 4
      • Decay: 0.40000 PED per use
      • Mining Skill Increase: 4%
    • Terra Amp IV ‘Athena’ (L)
      • Max TT Value: 134 PED
      • Minimum skill requirement: 10
      • Decay: 1.20000 PED per use
      • Mining Skill Increase: 4%
    • Terra Amp VI ‘Athena’ (L)
      • Max TT Value: 188 PED
      • Minimum skill requirement: 14
      • Decay: 2.60000 PED per use
      • Mining Skill Increase: 8%
  • Arkoin Brokers – the wait is over. Today a single Arkoin Broker has been placed near the brand new IFN Supply Depot Teleporter, to replace the brokers previously located in various buildings throughout the Supply Depot. The new single broker functions in a similar manner to a Trade Terminal, so that all Arkoin items can be purchased from one location. Happy shopping!
  • Golden Door – it is now possible to enter the Arkadian Golden Door, provided the brave colonist is in possession of an Arkadian Golden Key. Treasure Hunting with weapons!
  • Land For Sale – desert islands introduced! Through some recent land reclamation, the Arkadian Colonial Administration has made available two beautiful new private estates off the south-west coast of Sentosa. The first of these is currently for sale from the Arkoin Broker for 15,000,000 (Fifteen Million) Arkoins. Please see this announcement for more details.
  • DNA – it is now possible to acquire DNA parts for many Arkadian creatures. These DNA parts can be refined into DNA samples, which can in turn be used by a Land Area owner to spawn the relevant creature on the Land Area. This DNA includes some creatures that can currently only be found in instances.
  • Global Ads – the global advertising system has been implemented across Sentosa. Every ad screen doubles as a terminal for colonist convenience. Now budding entrepreneurs can more easily promote their businesses.
  • Event Areas – five new event areas have been added across Sentosa, including a PvP (player vs player) area, ready for colonists to explore and discover.
  • Herman Range Completion – The entire Herman Industries weapon range has received an upgrade including 20 new weapons and some renamed existing weapons, as previously announced here, where you can find more information.
  • TEN Edition – it is now possible to loot TEN Edition items, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Entropia Universe.
  • Visual Enhancements – a number of upgrades have been made to the environment to improve playability as follows:
    • Firebases now have identifying signage above each main entrance.
    • Signs have been added to convenient roadside locations directing colonists to nearby Firebases and Digsites.
    • The No Vehicle Zone at Celeste Quarry has been approved after the trial period previously discussed here, and No Vehicles Allowed signage has been added near the boundaries of the area.
    • A map marker has been added for the area where new colonists arrive on Arkadia.
    • Map markers have been added for all Oratan wave spawn areas.
    • Various terrain and vegetation enhancements have been made across the continent
    • Firebase defences have been upgraded
    • Optimisation improvements have been made, which are expected to reduce lag at Celeste Harbour and Celeste Quarry.


  • Many of the clothing bugs that followed the recent avatar update have been ironed out. However, some still remain, and some will be smoothed out in the upcoming patch.
  • Inventory icons for ACA-AS Civilian Uniform Cap range and IFN Combat Uniform Cap range still don’t work.

Planet Arkadia Triathlon Winners!

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Congratulations to the Arkadian triathletes who gave their all for this competition. Here are the winners!

1st Place
dutch fluske mooren (87 Points)
Chronicle Harness TEN Edition (F) + Armor Plating Mark. 10B (L) TEN Edition

2nd Place
Chuck CrazyBuck Buck (85 Points)
Chronicle Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition

3rd Place
Miguel Garco Gracio (76 Points)
Chronicle Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition

4th Place
Girts Smilgs Niedra (70 Points)
Chronicle Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

5th Place
Grimyth Salty qq (62 Points)
Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition

6th Place
efreet efreet efreet (60 Points)
Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

7th Place
Helene Helena Fra (24 Points)
Paladin Harness (F) TEN Edition

8th Place
Neil Greenleaf Stockton (20 Points)
Paladin Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition

9th Place
Snake Slither Hellfire (18 Points)
Paladin Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition

10th Place
Christer toad Johansson (17 Points)
Paladin Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

Congratulations to the above hard-working triathletes! But there were also five random winners of a Nano-Chip 3-Pack. Here they are!

Random 1: James MiniMe Bond (12 Points)

Random 2: Honey Kitten Little (2 Points)

Random 3: Vintage Yquem Port (14 Points)

Random 4: Leonarda Leona DaVinci (7 points)

Random 5: Azamat Azub Azumaar (2 Points)

If you haven’t won anything yet, don’t worry. There will be more TEN Edition events coming this year, each with different event formats, so do watch out for them!

Please note:

  • The top 10 winners will have their prizes spawned to their avatars by MA soon.
  • Random prize winners will need to private message Cyrus | Arkadia to set up a time to meet in-game to collect your prize.

Congratulations again to all participants. Triathlon has been good event experience for us all!

For more information about this competition, please see the original announcement here.

Herman Industries – New and Renamed Weapons

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In the light of recent adjustments to the skill requirements for each of its ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW firearms, Herman Industries has taken the time to reassess how its range of equipment fits with the playing styles and skill levels of the colonists of Arkadia.

Historically, Herman has endeavoured to make the task of choosing the right weapon as simple as can be for its customers. For this reason, Herman has always included a number in its weapon naming that reflects the minimum required skill level.

Swift and constructive colonist feedback has brought two issues to Herman’s attention after the recent changes to minimum skill requirements for the various firearms:

  1. “Gaps” have emerged between skill requirements for the various weapons as a result of “stretching” them across a wider skill range.
  2. The numbers in the weapon names can now be somewhat confusing, particularly for a colonist new to Herman and/or Arkadia.

After considering the above issues, Herman has decided to make a number of additions and adjustments to the ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW range of weapons.

Note that no weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.

Effective with the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, the following changes will occur:

  • Twenty (20) new firearms will be introduced to Arkadia:
    • 4 x ARK
    • 6 x ASI
    • 5 x CAP
    • 5 x LAW
  • Unlike the existing Herman weapons, these new weapons will be manufactured only.
  • Each of the four unlimited Herman weapons currently available at the Trade Terminal will have their “8 R” or “99 R” suffix changed to “TT R”, to signify “Trade Terminal” and “Repairable”.
  • Every other ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW weapon will have the number in its name changed to the minimum skill requirement number. For example, the Herman ASI-40 Desert (L) now has a minimum skill requirement of level 42, so its new name is Herman ASI-42 Desert (L).
  • Item Descriptions for all ARK, ASI, CAP, LAW models will be updated to reflect the changes.
  • All relevant Blueprints will also have their names and Item Descriptions adjusted according to the changes.

Please note:

  • No existing weapon stats will change. Changes to existing weapons are cosmetic only.
  • The standard, Desert, Arctic and Jungle namings and conventions have been retained, and applied to the new weapons as well. As before, “Desert” is given to weapons with a longer range, “Arctic” is for those with a higher damage per shot, and “Jungle” is for more rapid fire, closer range combat. This continues to be reflected in the Item Descriptions.
  • Item Descriptions will still show the next and preceding weapon in the relevant class, but the text has been given more clarity. For example, in the case of an ASI Arctic weapon, “Next Model:” now says “Next ASI Arctic Model:”.

Following is a list of the entire ARK, ASI, CAP and LAW ranges as of the next Planet Partner Update 2013.1, showing the existing and new names.

All NEW weapons are listed in bold.

Arkadia Rifle Kit (ARK)
Herman ARK-8 R Herman ARK-TT R
Herman ARK-10 (L)
Herman ARK-20 (L)
Herman ARK-30 (L)
Herman ARK-40 (L)
Herman ARK-50 (L)
Herman ARK-0 (L)
Herman ARK-11 (L)
Herman ARK-16 (L)
Herman ARK-27 (L)
Herman ARK-41 (L)
Herman ARK-46 (L)
Herman ARK-65 (L)
Herman ARK-10 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-20 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-30 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-40 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-50 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-5 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-21 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-31 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-34 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-54 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-70 Desert (L)
Herman ARK-10 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-20 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-30 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-40 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-50 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-6 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-23 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-38 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-55 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-60 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-77 Jungle (L)
Herman ARK-10 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-20 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-30 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-40 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-6 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-22 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-36 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ARK-75 Arctic (L)
Arkadia Standard Issue (ASI)
Herman ASI-8 R Herman ASI-TT R
Herman ASI-10 (L)
Herman ASI-20 (L)
Herman ASI-30 (L)
Herman ASI-40 (L)
Herman ASI-50 (L)
Herman ASI-0 (L)
Herman ASI-11 (L)
Herman ASI-24 (L)
Herman ASI-37 (L)
Herman ASI-63 (L)
Herman ASI-10 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-20 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-30 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-40 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-50 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-7 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-21 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-32 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-42 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-48 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-53 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-58 Desert (L)

Herman ASI-70 Desert (L)
Herman ASI-10 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-20 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-30 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-40 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-50 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-7 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-21 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-33 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-44 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-72 Jungle (L)
Herman ASI-10 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-20 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-30 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-40 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-50 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-5 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-7 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-16 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-21 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-27 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-33 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-44 Arctic (L)
Herman ASI-72 Arctic (L)
Combat Assault Pistol (CAP)
Herman CAP-99 R Herman CAP-TT R
Herman CAP-101
Herman CAP-202 (L)
Herman CAP-303 (L)
Herman CAP-404 (L)
Herman CAP-505 (L)
Herman CAP-0 (L)
Herman CAP-12 (L)
Herman CAP-35 (L)
Herman CAP-37 (L)
Herman CAP-48 (L)
Herman CAP-52 (L)

Herman CAP-56 (L)
Herman CAP-101 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-202 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-303 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-404 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-505 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-4 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-7 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-20 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-32 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-40 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-43 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-62 Desert (L)
Herman CAP-101 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-202 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-303 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-404 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-505 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-7 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-21 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-34 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-45 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-64 Jungle (L)
Herman CAP-101 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-202 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-303 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-404 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-505 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-7 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-22 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-28 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-33 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-44 Arctic (L)
Herman CAP-65 Arctic (L)
Laser Assault Weapon (LAW)
Herman LAW-99 R Herman LAW-TT R
Herman LAW-101 (L)
Herman LAW-202 (L)
Herman LAW-303 (L)
Herman LAW-404 (L)
Herman LAW-505 (L)
Herman LAW-0 (L)
Herman LAW-10 (L)
Herman LAW-13 (L)
Herman LAW-27 (L)
Herman LAW-32 (L)
Herman LAW-50 (L)
Herman LAW-66 (L)
Herman LAW-101 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-202 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-303 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-404 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-505 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-5 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-21 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-42 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-56 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-71 Desert (L)
Herman LAW-101 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-303 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-404 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-505 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-6 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-23 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-46 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-51 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-60 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-77 Jungle (L)
Herman LAW-101 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-202 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-303 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-404 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-505 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-5 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-16 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-22 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-37 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-44 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-58 Arctic (L)
Herman LAW-75 Arctic (L)

For consistency, Smuggler CAP and LAW weapons will also have the final digit dropped from their number. So 101, 202, 303, 404 and 505 are changed to 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 respectively.

Free item points! Happy Lunar New Year 2013!

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From now until February 12th, purchase item points for your shops and apartments (shop booths not included) and you will get 10 per cent more item points, absolutely free!

For further information about purchasing item points, see this thread.

When your order is processed, you’ll automatically get 10 per cent more item points.

The change in item points will be reflected in the next planet partner update, due late February.

Here’s wishing all our Chinese counterparts and their families a Happy Lunar New year!

Planet Arkadia Triathlon 2013

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This year, as we celebrate the monumental milestone of Entropia Universe’s tenth anniversary, Arkadia Studios presents “Planet Arkadia Triathlon 2013″, the first of many TEN events proudly sponsored by MindArk.

The unique four-day “Triathlon” format will make this the first official event of its kind in the history of Entropia Universe.

  • The event is simple. Global in each of the three primary professions (hunting, mining and crafting) to score a point.
  • Most points wins, and there are ten places with huge prizes!
  • Did we include some random prizes? Of course! Every point you earn is an entry in the draw, unless you win one of the top ten prizes!
  • Event goes for four days, starting 31st Jan 2013 (00:00:01 MA Time) and ending on 3rd Feb 2013 (23:59:59 MA time).

What better way to celebrate the historical TEN year anniversary than by combining the three fundamental professions that have helped Entropia become the amazing Universe it is today?


Item information and stats are provided further in this post

1st Place – Chronicle Harness TEN Edition (F) + Armor Plating Mark. 10B (L) TEN Edition
2nd Place – Chronicle Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition
3rd Place – Chronicle Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition
4th Place – Chronicle Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition
5th place – Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition
6th place – Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition
7th place – Paladin Harness (F) TEN Edition
8th place – Paladin Arm Guards (M) TEN Edition
9th place – Paladin Shin Guards (F) TEN Edition
10th place – Paladin Foot Guards (M) TEN Edition

5 x random draw (each avatar who gets a minimum of 1 point will be in the race) – Nano Chip 3-Pack

The “Nano Chip 3-Pack” prize consists of three Mindforce chips as follows:

  • 1 x full TT Health Augmentation Chip I (L)
  • 1 x full TT Regeneration Acceleration Chip I (L)
  • 1 x full TT Regeneration Inhibition Chip I (L)

Get yourself ready and let the games begin!

__________________________________________________ ________________________________

Item Info

  • Chronicle Armor TEN Edition
    Durability: 6200
    Stab: 74 | Cut: 65 | Impact: 26 | Penetration: 18 | Shrapnel: 14 | Burn: 18 | Cold: 8 | Acid: 10 | Electric: 8
  • Paladin Armor TEN Edition
    Durability: 2650
    Stab: 8 | Cut: 15 | Impact: 16 | Penetration: 9 | Burn: 16
  • Armor Plating Mark. 10B TEN Edition
    Durability: 3160
    Cut: 10 | Impact: 14 | Penetration: 4 | Cold: 34
  • Armor Plating Mark. 10B (L) TEN Edition
    Durability: 14320
    Cut: 10 | Impact: 14 | Penetration: 4 | Cold: 34
  • Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition
    Range: 55
    Ammo: 60000
    Decay: 0.10500 PED
    Req Level: 19.5
    Delay: 1.3 sec
    Cooldown: 11 sec
    Damage Burn: 300

Rules, Notes, Definitions

  • Each set of 1 hunting, 1 mining and 1 crafting global entitles you to 1 point.
(1 hunting global + 1 mining global + 1 crafting global = 1 point awarded)
For example:
Cyrus gets 10 hunting, 20 mining and 30 crafting globals during the event period. Cyrus gets 10 points.
  • Globals must occur on Planet Arkadia, but not necessary for Arkadia items (for crafters).
  • The player with the most points wins first prize. Second highest total wins second prize, and so on.
  • This event is open to individuals only, and results will be determined via a report from MindArk.
  • Teams are not eligible for participation in this event. Any team results will be ignored in determining the winners.
  • An individual may only win one prize.
  • Top ten prizes will be determined first, then all ten winners’ data will be removed from the report. 5 random prizes will then be determined from the remaining data. In other words, anyone who wins a top ten prize does not qualify for a random prize.
  • Random prizes will be drawn using a random number generator.
  • The final decision for prizes will be made by Arkadia Studios, and will be announced as soon as possible after the event ends. It will take some time, however, for MindArk to generate a report and for Arkadia Studios to determine the winners.
  • In the event that there is a tie for any of the prizes, the first player to have reached the prizewinning number of points receives the prize, the second player to have reached the prizewinning number of points receives the next prize, and so on. If such a tie forces a player out of the top ten, no prize will be awarded, however their points will be deemed as valid entries for the random prize draw.
  • An eligible “global” is any hunting, mining or crafting loot on Planet Arkadia registering a value higher than 50 PED, including HOF (Hall of Fame) and ATH (All Time High). In other words, a loot of over 50 ped TT value in any of the three main professions. Instance loot does not count.
  • Prizes will be available by direct trade with the avatar “Cyrus Arkadia Community Manager”.
  • Any prizes not collected within 28 days of being advised they are available, risk having Arkadia Studios forfeit the prize.
  • Event starts 31st Jan 2013 (00:00:01 MA Time) and ends on 3rd Feb 2013 (23:59:59 MA time).


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Dear participants,

After 24 days of carnage on the Riptors, we are proud to present to you, the winners of the Riptor Rampage 2012. A very big thank you to you for making this event such a great success. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we do.

Riptor Rampage Winners

*Please note,
(a) First place winners in Category A and B in all blocks:

(i) You’ll need to choose one of the two choices of weapons available.
(ii) Kindly private message Cyrus | Arkadia on with your choice by the 26th of January 2013.
(iii) Arrange a time and date to meet in-game to collect your prizes.

(b) Winners in Category C in all blocks:
(i) You’ll need to private message Cyrus | Arkadia on the time and date to meet up in-game to collect your prizes.

(c) MindArk will only spawn the Neurobiotic booster prizes to an avatar’s inventory. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

(d) I will wait until I know which choice of prizes everybody wants before I can proceed to give out the prizes. The sooner the winners above make their choice known to me, the sooner everyone can get their prizes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Cyrus Chen
Arkadia | Community Relations Manager

Merry Christmas 2012 from Arkadia Studios

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Arkadia Studios wishes all Arkadians a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are in the universe!

While we are happy to have spent the last 12 months working to make Arkadia a better place, we are even happier that we have an incredibly supportive community of colonists!

We really appreciate your ongoing feedback and patience with everything we do, partly because it makes our job much more enjoyable and satisfying, and partly because it means the end result is a better Arkadia!

We hope to continue into the new year with more great content, and we look forward to sharing it with you, our friends, customers, colonists and supporters.

To the Planet Arkadia Forum moderation team, you guys have made a big difference to how our community operates. The notorious ban-hammer-wielding Snape and admin guru vantastic are well supported by stalwarts like Larkin and TimUnleashed. Lee DeLioncourt, thank you for your passion and commitment while you were a mod. A big welcome to Jenny Ferr, the newest member of the team. We know they’ll be making you feel right at home, and continuing to make Arkadia Forum a great place to hang out.

To the Arkadian Colonial Administration, it’s been a nice, solid year of administrating. You keep it up there. Good work, and Merry Christmas!

To Commodore Harvir and all those at the IFN, we salute you and thank you for making sure our planet is safe to live on!

To Eric the IFN Christmas Elf, thank you for making sure all the IFN soldiers at the Firebases are kept fed and happy while they’re away from their families this Christmas, and thank you for our Elf hats! Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is a good time to sit down and review the year, and to think about the next one.

Here is a list of the more important upgrades to life as an Arkadian, that have happened during calendar year 3009 (as the story goes!).

  • Introduction of an extensive new player experience
  • New creatures (apart from those discovered in the instances):
    • Gallard
    • Riptor
    • Nusul
    • Oratan Slasher
    • Oratan Lancer
    • Reconstruction of Kadra, Teladon and Kamaldon
  • Chris | Arkadia!
  • Introduction of Treasure Hunting
  • Kai Tero’s uncovering of the instances that lay beyond the jaws of the Riptor near the ruins of the ancient city of Aakas
  • Some important discoveries of ancient artefacts and clues to Arkadia’s history, as well as ancient weapons and armour
  • Discovery of ancient energy signature technology that has allowed colonist production of instance keys
  • Arkadia Gold Rush, and annual event like no other, with heaps of amazing prizes!
  • Introduction of the Media Centre at the IFN Supply Depot
  • Introduction of the Racetrack near Formidable Firebase Academy, complete with viewing gallery
  • Release of a full range of clothing and furniture
  • Oratan wave spawns at Oratan Camps around Sentosa
  • Introduction of ACA Challenge missions
  • Release of Herman Industries’ RAW and SIR rifle series
  • Improvements to the terrain around Celeste Quarry
  • Introduction of the Arkadian Adviser program by the Arkadian Colonial Administration (ACA)
  • Discovery of the Eron Soul long range crossbow series


Speaking of the future, there’s not too much we can release just yet, but we do plan to keep our colonists as informed as we can about what’s happening.

Herman Industries plans to release some more weapons to fill in the “SIB gaps” that emerged recently when SIB changes were made to the existing range, but we can’t say more just at the moment. Watch this space though!

To all our loyal supporters everywhere in the world, Arkadia Studios wishes you a very merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and hopes you are enjoying Riptor Rampage! We plan for 2013 to be even better!