Arkoin Auction – (Arkadia Underground Booth) #0002

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Start your own business with this shopping booth located at the entrance of the Underground (Next to the Underground TP and close to the terminals).

Consisting of 20 Item points and the ability to show and sell items to colonists passing by, now is the time to start your own business in the community.

The contents of auction #0002 will include

– 1x Estate Deed to Underground Booth #3

Starting Bid – 1 Arkoin
Yup, that is 1 Arkoin…​

Bidding Rules

  • Bids will only be accepted in Arkoins.
  • Minimum bid increment 1000 Arkoins.
  • Any items other than Arkoins (eg PED) will be deemed invalid. 



    For the item being auctioned:

    • There will be no buyout bid amount
    • For the first four (4) weeks, the auction will remain open.
    • After the first four weeks, the auction will then end when a bid remains the top bid for a period of 48 hrs
    • Such a 48 hr period will be taken to have begun no earlier than four (4) weeks after the auction thread is published
    • The winner is required to contact Dylan | Arkadia to arrange for trade or collection of auctioned items said item will be delivered at five (5) percent (%) tt value, within one week of the end of the auction.
    • If the winner of the auction fails to collect their award within the aforementioned one week of the end of the auction, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder.
  • The potential issue has been raised that somebody could bid a million bajillion Arkoins that they don’t have, with the plan of winning the auction, not claiming their prize, and having the prize go to their friend, the second bidder with a very small bid.
    • This is a great point, and we appreciate it having been raised.
    • Arkadia Studios will at its discretion check that interesting bids are backed by an actual Arkoin balance.
    • Arkadia Studios will announce a bid to be invalid on such grounds if deemed necessary.
    • Please note, “million bajillions” is not a real number, though legitimate attempts to bid this high are of course encouraged.
    • Bidders must have the Arkoins in their possession as spot checks will be made by Arkadia Studios/Mindark
  • To avoid potential confusion, all bidders must ensure that their full in-game avatar name is visible by stating it in the actual bid post with the amount of Arkoins that they are bidding with.