Arkadia Moon Deed – Update

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Hi Everyone,
As mentioned in the blog post, we are going to communicate with you on a regular basis and I thought it would be best to start with the discussion of the moon deeds and the future of the Arkadia Moon.

Deed Status

There are currently as of writing this post 145,791 deeds in players’ inventories. That leaves a total of 54,209 deeds left for purchase from the Entropia Universe Web Store.

To purchase deeds – Click here
Content (Current and Future)

As many of you know, PTEC has played a big part on the Arkadia Moon and as you start to engage with them and see what they are all about, you will learn that they will play a big part in your engagement with missions and surrounding issues on the Arkadia Moon. This is going to be key. PTEC helped structure the atmosphere on the moon and make it possible for you to explore the moon as the atmosphere was mostly sulfurous and extremely toxic for humans to explore.

The moon is filled with quite a few hidden easter eggs showing the plans that are going to be executed as content on the Arkadia Moon (yup there are about 9 I can think of right now) – We plan to release a blog post showing you what is in store and what you can expect in a future update. We have been working on the creation of storyline for the Arkadia Moon including a collection of new events that will be exclusive to the Arkadia Moon including the introduction to the old members of Arkadia lore.

The moon will be a great focus of ours in the coming updates, so keep checking back on the forum for what we have in store.