Arkadia Moon Deed – Update #2

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Hi Everyone

We would like to give you an update on the Arkadia Moon including the deeds that are left over.

Deed Status

We have been informed by Mindark that there are just a little less than 10 000 deeds left for sale on the Entropia Universe Web Shop.

Once all these have been sold, we will submit a small patch after our announcement to make all deeds tradable between players.

To purchase Arkadia Moon deeds with Limited Edition Cyborg Suit – Click here

Future Content Update

More content is being added to Arkadia Moon including new player missions that will take you on an adventure of finding out the story behind PTECH and what terra-forming took place including the displacement of local wildlife.

There will also be a new instance implemented where your adventure into a maze of possibilities, but don’t get lost because you are NOT alone and something is creeping in the shadows looking for you.

Lastly, we have a collection of new missions coming to the moon that will surround mining, hunting, and crafting specifically surrounding Arkadia Moon, but this will be disconnected from the normal codex missions that will be introduced into Planet Arkadia in a future update.

These missions will include many subsurface quests where you get to decide what to do next and every decision you make, will affect the outcome of the result changing what you will do next.

We advise you to read and choose EXTREMELY carefully (once this content is released) because there is no turning back.

We will update you more about what content is in a future post.