Arkadia Moon Deed

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Hi Everyone,

The moon has seen a great amount of activity since the rise of the smuggler’s main headquarters located in a secure yet hidden location. With the next update looming around the corner we are giving a few updates on the progress of the moon.

Firstly, as requested by many players, there is around 18% of the deeds left for purchase from the web store. Some players have really gone above and beyond to get their hands on a small stack of them and we thank you.

If you haven’t purchased any deeds yet or wish to purchase more – Click Here

Content (Current and Future)

Now as explained beforehand, PTECH has a presence on the moon and since Planet Arkadia is a treasure-hunting planet, we have hidden quite a few easter eggs around the planet. We found that we have hidden them a bit too well for players to find so we are going to make it a bit easy next update and move them to locations that players can find with ease. We will later increase the difficulty of finding them as more updates come in the future. There will be a collection of PTECH Missions coming in the next update that will enable you to start collaborating with them on their expedition to discover the hidden mysteries of the Arkadia Moon but I must warn you, dangers linger around each and every corner so choose your side carefully.

Now the smugglers have also shown a great interest in the moon, much like the time when they were in the Underground shutting down the Sal’deresh Instances to loot their Arkoins and hidden treasures. I would recommend that you start investigating what they are in mind (Also an Easter Egg) but be warned that once you hold the key to their plans, you will know without a fraction of a doubt what is to come and might regret what you will have to do.

IFN, we haven’t forgotten about you, your time to shine will be sooner than expected.

The Arkadia Moon is key to old history, it has secrets hidden all over to explain what really happened in the past but then again, all you have to do is but look up to the heavens and ask yourself, what is that in the distance?