Alienware ™ Pied Piper Event

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All items are kindly sponsored by Alienware™
For more information on Alienware™ products, please visit: or

Starting 25th October (after the Planet Arkadia 2011.7 Update)

30 Alienware TactX™ mouse will be let loose on Planet Arkadia.


Participate in hunting and mining activities and you’re in the running to loot these mice!
Unleash the Pied Piper in you and catch them fast!
Alienware™ Certificateif you’ve got one in your loot window, it means you’ve won yourself an Alienware TactX™ mouse!

Procedure to claim your prizes:
Step 1
Please send a private message to me, Cyrus, if you have looted an Alienware™ Certificate with these details:
(a) Avatar name:
(b) Real life name:
(c) Address:
(d) Telephone number:

Step 2
Meet me in-game and pass me the Alienware™ Certificate. Details given in Step 1 will be verified.

Step 3
Once details have been verified, the items will be sent as soon as we can.

Pls note:
– Participants can choose to sell the
Alienware™ certificates in-game
– Certificates must be passed and verified by Cyrus before 31st March 2012.